December 19, 2007


Is it jus me or is anyone else too getting shocked seeing the stars most folks are hanging outside their homes for this X'mas?? If anyone has missed these wonderful beauties do not worry...u can feast ur eyes here.. I couldn't capture some of the most striking ones of this season.. yet ..well see 4 urself :D

STUNNED AT FIRST SIGHT!! When i first saw these at a shop i was like' bla! who'd buy this stuff!'.. but then....

As u cn see some of them r even refusing to fit inside the frame!!!

TWO OF A KIND( 2 LBT-ians hav hung these frilly beauties nd yea.. they're neighbours) .. well, these happen to be some of the relatively plain nd dull ones i've seen


I guess they all look better at night.. ennu paranju samaadhanikkaam

Anyways... definition of beauty is different for different people.. So guess i shudn't make a big fuss over these new kinds of stars all of which seem to have sprouted somethin all over them.. Its juz a big shining orb after all.. Rest is upto our imagination.. BUT could anyone please explain to me why this star in the final pic is wearing a bra??!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

November 03, 2007


Didn't update my blog for the past one month... nd my IV chronicles have gone down the drain.. Can't bring myself to blog about the rest of the journey.. so i'm doin my usual trick.. postin a couple of pics..a kinda collage this time..for each day of the trip nd som words on it.. This isn't a proper post..i'm doin this juz to patch up the job i had begun so enthusiastically..hmm why the heck am i explainin myself.....

DAY 3: Satellites, KFC nd becoming Attappaadiis
No fotos on this day coz fotography ws prohibited inside ISRO Satellite Centre(ISAC).. Had a great time witnessing the work goin into the Chandraayan Mission nd also into the launch of CARTOSAT..Learnt a whole lot on satellites.. This was also the day when most of us almost ran out of money after heavy-duty shopping in the streets of Blore..Dinner comprised of a bucket of KFC nd the best chocolate sundae I've ever had in my life.. ok now im wonderin why i dint click a snap of that sundae..

DAY 4: Forum, Oolaalaa Wonderla(!!) n Rain Disco

Had a great time watchin the greenery at Forum nd an awsom time at Wonderla..Eatin cotton candy in a giant wheel tht seemed to be on top of the world ws as great as seein the sky beneath my feet nd the horizon upside down while being thrown at som random direction by a ride gone beserk..nd 24 songs in the rain disco..nananju pandaaram adangi :)

DAY 5: Church, Dungeon, Crazy river ride, Palace , Pedali nd a Temple..

This was the day at Mysore..the day when an ultra genius formulated the theory 'For girls gettin wet is like being half-naked'..I'm not revealing any names..veruthe enthinaa..Also happens to be the day when we had the lousiest food(frm a kerala hotel :P)..Mysore palace ws stunning..the statues of those leopards flexin their muscles nd their saberteeth all out...aaaaa.The kotta-boat ride on Kaveri ws great..the hi-point ws when the guy in the boat rotated the kotta in hi-speed when we reached the middle of the river..all i can remember abt tht moment now is Fatima's face goin round n round in front of my eyes. Chamundi temple ws draped in mist on that chilly evening..the city lights were flickerin down in the valley..looked like a lake of lights down there..hmm much more like a lava lake..Couldn't jump around much on this day coz i had a stiff neck(wonderla-hangover).. pedali ulukkiya dinam.. nd also the day on which we wer speakin a new language with all de words startin with 'L'..loo loody lool.. las loo lish..lecetra..

DAY 6: Mimicry n song, Monks, Nepalian Born-apart nd a crazy night

This ws my fav day ..Had the best bus-bash of the enitre journey.. Soju Sir was in full form.. Performed mimicry of some of our dear teachers..Itz real easy imitating some of them..All u hav to do is snap ur fingers, bang ur forehead nd say 'sho!sho! enthaado ithu..ithu ingane alleyoo!!' :D.. Travelled towards Coorg. Passed through acres of golden corn fields spread far nd wide till the horizon nd reached Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery. It was one of the most liberating experiences i've ever had in my life. Dunno how else to put it. The mediation hall with the towering yet non-imposing statues with sparrows chirpin all around.. a monk lookin out into the light streaming thru the window.. these images are gonna last forever in my mind .
Then at the Tibetan market RP nd Shal vaayunnokki pandaaram adangi..Finally the guy gave them a nice flying kiss when the bus pulled out of the place..We nicknamed him Nepalian Born-apart..KP drank a pepsi mycan nd started behavin like she has had vodka..Abbey falls was awsom..the walk thru the plantation kinda path whistling our lungs out.. the spray on our face.. :)... That night was the craziest night of all..The craziness started with the dinner menu card which had some really weird items on it(check out the foto)..Then we had a camp fire without fire( the logs apparently got wet.. nd I went nd theri vilichi-fied the hotel guy for tht..)..Soju sir ws looking real happening in a lungi..nd At night..hehehe.. lemme jus say tht we deprived the sleep of a lot of people.. fixed fan club nd press club inaugrations, proved our tholikattiis nd laughed our guts out..nd found out that we were more daring than truthful

DAY 7:The last day, a Greenery filled train journey nd a great night

Set off to Mangalore after a misty mornin in Coorg..Was screamin at each other in our own, doggie-version of hindi..'saali magarmach..himmat hai to saamne aa!!'..Then it was the journey back home in the Malabar Express..had a field-day runnin abt nd oggling at very lush greenery spread over various coaches n compartments..stayed up till 4.30am with nazia jincy n all..truth or dare cum PD session :D...Came to know several hilarious truths..Again deprived the sleep of som people by ringin them up in that ungodly hour..My sim card flew away to som place in tht frenzy..then found it.. One by one left the group as sleep started creepin in..finally wound up the session(it ws juz 3 of us poorna nd nazia) when nazia started speakin marubhasha..
DAY 8: Back home
The train was crowded with commuters when I woke up 3 hours later.. gathered up all the bags nd waited for the train to pull into the Pettah station..Got down ther along with Reji nd Peeraparu nd waved goodye to my friends as they headed for the final station-Trivandrum Central...


Hey I think I did better chronicling than I expected..Nyways I can continue with my normal blogging now that the IV chronicles are over.. Mebbe I should next blog about turning 20 (finally...duh!)

added on later:

PS:- Forgot to thank peeraparu for foldin my sheet every mornin..wht wud ive done without her!! Peeraparu.. u rock!! BTW Peeru ws also the most hyper among us durin the trip..
nd abt one more incident I fgot to mention.. While playin Truth or Dare in the MalabarExp on the journey back was Pai's turn to speak the truth..nd we asked her..who was the person she disliked the most in class..At 1st she was like..'aye theres noone i dislike'..I kept pressin her..nd finally she ws like..'yea since ure askin so much..thers one preson i ..not exactly dislike but have felt angry with or somethin..its u Megha..coz I've seen u being real rude to some person'...tang tang tang tang tang... naanam kettu ennaalaathe enthu parayaan..awkward silence until i finally said..'comeon spin the bottle again' :D.. KP ws in splits when she heard abt this next mornin nd ws like..'Pai shudve seen u when u wer in skool..she'd prolly faint seein ur ol degree of rudeness'..LOL

September 27, 2007


DAY 2: Touchdown at Bangalooru

Landed at B’lore on Sunday the 16th. After a breakfast of Idli..dosa etc. we set out to Visvesvaraya Technological Museum. Dunno if the fact tht we wer tronix students played any factor but the Bell hall of Electronics seemed to be the most interesting section. The virtual gaming section was fun. As KP ws spiritedly playing virtual volleyball against a robot, Soju Sir appeared outta nowhere on the screen, kicked out KP from there and completed the rest of the game. All of us were laughin our asses off. Science section for children was also cool. Had a great time dancing on the piano floor. I expected the space section to be the most interesting but unfortunately(or fortunately :p) one ultra hunk materialized in front of our eyes nd the rockets, satellites nd planets blurred out of our vision..All we(me n of the doggies wer busy gathering knowledge frm the biotech section) could see was the magnificient greenery.. truly grrr88..hoooo .. But the moving dinosaur at the museum was really lame..It was makin sounds as if it had chronic constipation.
Went berserk at a chaat outlet outside the museum coz many of us had not tasted even a panipuri till then. After lunch, as we were walkin on the pavement enjoying ice cream a kannada guy bumped against one of my friends.. nd this friend let out the usual reaction of our gang.. ‘PATTICHETTEH!!!!’.. nd the kannada guy became violent..we fled.

Next stop was Lal Bagh..Ws really disappointed to find tht the greenery ws all in pairs. We the Ottathadis of India!!! Hung around the place until it started raining really heavily.
The rain started when we wer standing on a tree nd posing for a foto. The day winded up with ISKCON temple. It was a really different experience. I’ve been to an ISKCON temple before. But this was in a much more grand scale. I found the room of my dreams there.. a BIIIIIIIG hall with long tables loaded with the tastiest food imaginable.. aaaa *drooolinnnn*.. black forest cakes.. chilli gobi.. ice cream…

After reachin back at the hotel Kp Shal n me gave Peeru a b’day treat.. nd then went to snooze aftr a small pillow fight session..
So this is part 2 of the post..I wanted to write abt day 3 n 4 too… But not in a mood to write.. so
to be contd.

September 24, 2007


Been dreamin of the so-called Industrial Visit ever since getting into college. Cant really explain wht I’m feeling now that itz over. One week on the move, with friends... it’s the longest I’ve been away from my family n home( not countin the times whn my parents wer away frm home for weeks.. sis was ther for company then nd also not counting the times I’ve been away frm home with my parents for weeks).
So many experiences nd so many images.. Can’t really do justice to them by condensing them into one single post..Hmm well truth is that I don’t hav the patience to write about all of it in one go nd neither wud any of u hav the patience to sit thru it..

DAY 1: The Journey Begins

Thought I’d get some help with luggage since both Amma nd Achan decided to drop me off at college.. But naa, Amma insisted that I should carry all of it as practice for the upcoming journey when I’ll hafta move around the luggage frequently.. So being the little Schwarznegger that I am I staggered and panted nd huffed nd puffed nd somehow managed to dump the luggage where all the luggage ws being dumped..Then KP arrived with her backpack threatening to knock off her centre of gravity any moment..haa we the little Schwarzeneggers of India!!My parents got bored after sometime nd left after givin me handshakes which is their way of giving advice abt not getting into trouble or hitting my head on some electric post while busily drooling over some hot hunk or tumbling down escalators while doing the same..
The bus journey to the railway station (Kochu Veli) had the usual violent tribal dance nd dappankoothu session with all of our screws getting loose nd with Fatima losing all screws.
Was really disappointed to see the age group of the fellow passengers.. the chart went something like ‘Kochu Thresiya 49… Jacob Mathew 50….’ bla! Since we couldn’t alambify in the train as much as we could do in a bus..we juz limited ourselves to singin nd stuff..Soon more passengers got in nd it ws juz me singin like a possessed frog in my cracked voice..Pandit Frogshillah Rahatulla..I hd to stop when little wide eyed kids started comin to my compartment nd stared in fear nd confusion.. hoo fans!!fans!! :D
The real fun started when we started trying to switch berths with other passengers so that all of us could be in one compartment. I have never seen in my life such Choris who are hell-bent on picking up a fight. KP nd me had a real tough time convincing all of them nd the rest of our gang even had to play coolies. In the end we wer almost sure tht either those people would defenestrate us or we’d flush them down the toilet. Itz not possible to behave more decently nd humbly thn we did..yet..UGH!!All of em wer commentin tht KP nd I wud become good TTR/TTEs someday..The RAC people trying to snatch our berths ws the icing on the cake.Nyways managed to wind up the matter before midnight coz midnight was the time to wish Peeraparu Happy Birthday!!yippieeee!Her birthday always coms during tour-times..Last time we had given her a toothpaste bath when she ws dozing off in the bus :D
(to be contd.)

September 04, 2007

At Da Beach

Midnight... last day of the Onam vacation officially over nd whatta day it was! 6 of us (unicorn, dollar$, boxer, shalpattii, kalla pattii n me-mega pattichetta) affected by chronic zoanthropy n calling ourselves 'doggies' (nd one unicorn) gathered at KPs house to write three assignments nd managed to finish off one.. first time most of us r finishin somethin off so early.. yippie to us!
After lunch we got a hunch that the date of submission of one assignment wasnt the next day(which is today..past midnight so coll gonna reopen today..hmm whtever).. So we packed our bags nd went off to the beach (after me nd RP goin to a veg shop to buy 2 palayamkodan pazhams for 2 rupees for KPs aunty..In the end the 2 bananas cost 3 rupees nd we jus stood ther n smiled..n the appooppan shopkeeper let us off...'makkalkku roadil koode kazhichondu nadakaanaano??'.. *smile grin smile*)..O nd b4 goin to the beach all of us had a really interesting conversation with someone apparently called 'Sheetal' or sheetalan rather!!!

Beach ws great tho the moment we set our foot ther som TV anchor guy(lookin like a zombie coz he had too much make up on..or was it toothpaste coz it looked pearly white) came runnin to us askin if we could endorse his program which hd got past 100 episodes(we bear so much crap to run for so long on our channels).. we wer like.. yea right!! Over all of our deadbodies!Ini atu kandittu venom valla wicked ammachiyum veetil vilichu parayaan..'aaha molu beachil valiya tv star okke aayallo'.. n my amma will prolly think tht i made a guest appearance in the Valiyathura version of 'Baywatch' nd played a character named 'matthi vikkana annaamma'...
Then all of us ran to the waves nd had an awsome time splashing about..wrote nonsense on the sand.. nd raised the BP of the lifeguard(why ws he so worried abt us!!)...

Doggies nd Unicorn among the waves

haa haa... gettin hyper excited seein som ammachi being washed off by the waves.. look at the joy on unicorn's face(2nd frm left).... hehe no.. juz one got washed away

wave-gazing peacefully... shantiii samadhaanam

boxer's master nd the sand

v de grr8... signing off on the sands of time..waiting for the tide to erase us.. sho!! drainage literature!! :P

nd in the end aftr sittin on the lawn, watching the mermie nd gazin at the planes takin off frm the runway...drying off in the sun..all of us parted ways to meet again the next day.. good days ahead.. hopefully :)

August 30, 2007

half century of queries

wanted to do

1.Were you named after anyone?
no..not my official name..tho i got my petname 'anu' frm my sis's best friend in kindergarten

2. Do you wish on stars?
nope..luv gazin at thm tho

3. When did you last cry?
been only a couple of months..cnt believe i wasted tears over somthin so stupid..cryin juz aint worth it

4. Do you like your handwriting?
yea...especially when it strts lookin like ECG while snoozin n takin down lecture notes

5. What is your favourite meat?

6. What is the most embarrassing CD on your shelf?
some biblical chavittu nadakam..i dunno hw it got ther

7. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you?

8.Are you a daredevil?
Ther is a thin line between daredevilry n stupidity.. its hard balancin on tht line

9. How do you release anger?
havin a problem with anger issues..cant sustain mild anger nd cant bear extreme anger.. throwin the tv remote at someone helps a lot tho

10. Where is your second home?
used to be ma skool durin ol days... luvd tht place tho i usd to bunk a lot.. now im not a big fan of college..still i look fwd to goin ther nd i dont bunk tht much ..cant brand it as my 2nd home tho

11. Do you trust others easily?
find it easier to trust strangers.. its weird.. i kno

12. What was your favourite toy as a child?
my tricycle nd a big duck on which i usd to go on imaginary voyages :D

13. What class in college do you think is totally useless?
industrial management.. othr ones are surprisingly quite nice this sem

14. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
only on people who i think deserves it

15. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?
ok lemme check wiki wht mosh is.. oo nice..our buses are mobile mosh pits nd the conductor guy often performs stage-dives

16. What do you look for in a guy/girl?
depends on wht purpose im lookin at them

17. Would you bungee jump?
yesssssss :)

18. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
nope..ive got big shoes :D

19. What's your favourite ice cream?
chocolate... triple scoop drenched in choco sauce nd a lavish helping of nuts

20. What are your favourite colours?
depends on the background.. nd wher theyre found.. bright red flowers- awsom.. bright red shoes on my feet- not tht good.. grey T with sap green cargoes..eww.. sap green leaves against the grey cloudcast monsoon sky.. *dreamy eyes*

21. What are your least favourite things?
the list never ends.. tho this link leads to som of em

22. How many people do you have a crush on right now?
i think its two..or not sure..nyway not much choices out ther nowadays

23. Who do you miss most right now?
do chicken salad nd hot n sour chicken soup count as persons???? :(

24. What are you listening to right now?
to the voices in my

25. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

26. What is the weather like right now?

27. Last person you talked to on the phone?
som friend of my sis who mistook me for sis nd strted blabberin somethin

28. The "first" thing you notice about the opposite sex?
again.. depends on why im lookin at them ;)

29. Do you like the person who sent you this?
copy pasted it frm shals blog.. shalz a dear doggie :)

30. How are you today?
hungry n too lazy to make instant noodles

31. Favourite non alcoholic drink?
thick mango juice

32. Favourite alcoholic drink?
red wine available at vikas bhavan co-operative store durin X'mas... very niice.. but dos tht classify as alcoholic?? :-/.. so oru stylenu irikkatte...absolut vodka...kulukkiyathu ..not kalakkiyathu :P

33. Natural hair colour?
somwher between black nd deep dark brown(when u shine a torch on it :D)

34. Eye colour?

35. Wear contacts?

36. Siblings?
yup..big sis

37. Favourite month?
never gave it a thought..nd dont feel like doin it now

38. Favourite food?
junk food.. fast food..tasty cream food..chocolate food.. :(( im hungryyyyyy

39. Favourite day of the year?
itz not my birthday anyways..tho birthdays rock

40. Have you ever been too shy to ask someone out?
yess afcoz..if i'd not been shy i wudve been a 100 dates old!!!

41. Scary movies or happy endings?
scary movies

42. Summer or winter?
neither... monsoon

43. Holi or Diwali?
holi not celebrated much around diwali i guess

44. Do you like your name?
yea :>

45. What book/magazine are you reading?
started readin 'satanic verses' nd toppil bhasi's 'olivile ormakal' simultaneoulsy.. interesting but not in a mood to read nowadyas..let xams com..thn i'll try :P

46. What's on your mouse pad?
lots nd lots of junk nd crap i guess...coz mouse pad restin in peace at som dumpyard..threw it away long time ago

47. What did you watch on TV last night?
i remember homer simpsons head at som point of time

48. Favourite Smell?
tea dust nd rain

49. Have you ever regretted breaking up with someone?
not broken up yet..but someday i will :D

50. Most tiresome thing you’ve ever experienced/done?
usually dont sit thru tiresom things.. tho these 50 q-s on a normal day may prove tiresm..but got nothin els to

August 25, 2007

Kamatthi Vacha Uruli

Itz the third Onam celebration after gettin into college.. Was a great day..No casualities by tripping on the sari..itz actually pretty comfortable after u get used to it.. got good ventilation too.. wind blowing in unexpected
Gonna tell the story in pictures coz im not in a mood 4 words ...

Deeps n me preppin flowers for the athappoo..RP d grr8(not in the pic) demo-ed her vegetable cutting skills by rapidly de-stalking the marigolds usin a penknife..

The atthapookkalam...lookin awsom..hard to believe tht it dint bag any prize.. i WONDER who the judges were....hmmm

Thiruvathirakali... gorgeous n graceful ladies of S5 on de floor (bagged the first prize)

Sundar n Athira singin the thiruvaathira great with Sundar bangin the tiny symbols to the rhythm..ning ning ning

The grp song came 2nd tho it primarily had thintaka taana tantha naanaa laced with generous amount of oooo tana naanaa 4 lyrics

KP me n Sundar-malayali mangiis..

KP is gettin hyper excited on seein the camera.. enthaa kuttiii ingane..chai chai aakhraandam :P .. nyways cool pic right..took a lot of effort to cram our butts onto the oonjal :D

kp me n nazia... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.. who wudve thot!!!

Someone came n switched the music to som lousy ol vilaapa gaanam when the pic ws being clicked..thtz why the OING!! expression on my face.. the song tht took the cake ws 'ente jeevitham oru kamatthi vacha uruli pole...'.. naaya nakkiya jeevitam..kalbukal nakkiya duniyaavu ennokke kettittund...but kamatthi vacha uruli!! simply marvellous!

Sheikhs of U-AE, Little Dufaai(xcept 4 Rugma in red-CSE monkey).. waitin 4 sadya..hmm it took one ammachi on KPz way back home to make her stop sayin 'hoo glamor oru saapam aano'.. The amamchi asked her 'moleh, innu collegeil dance competition aayirunno?' :D

So these r som snippets frm my day..Loadsa othr stuff also happened .. the sadya-havent got hold of any pics of tht, KPz breakdance when she heard abt the IV news, Fatimas very lively n violent duet with Mahima on stage, Jincys reaction on hearin the song dedication, Gymnastic performances nd non-performances on the oonjal, PPz n KPz Mars launchings on the oonjal, the primary school kidz stunning n acrobatic dance performances, the uri adi...nd now holidays hav kickd off.. HAPPY ONAM people.. enjoy :)

August 19, 2007


This post ws lyin in the drafts folder for quite sometime.. ran into som ol frnds today.. so thot i'd dust it n post coz itz been really long since ive updated my canvas...hd written it whn i ws feelin real nostalgic abt the good ol days

Haaaaaa…I miss my school life…Never realized what a big jerk I was back then until I got into college.. hehe Priya tr. used to run outta chalk coz she was always throwin em at me nd KP nd we used pick em up up nd throw them at Ku nd Pyaaru.. This is 12th grade I’m talking abt..not KG :P.. At the PTA meeting Priya tr. told my Amma that she was planning to bring a rope to class to tie me and KP up cos we were worse than KG kids ..niiiice.
The amount of irreverence( say it Soman in ‘Lelam’ style… eeeRRRevvveRRRans) we had for the teachers knew no limits.. The few hours of Kola that I’ve managed not to bunk were truly hilarious.. Kola would enter the class nd half of us wud be grabbin our tummies or hands nd saying ‘Teacherrrrrr…headache..plz may I lie down’.. After sometime I wouldn’t even bother to ask.. At the sight of her I wud close my books, take off my specs (O yea I used to wear specs in 12th coz I could see multiple moons in the itz ok..just one moon up ther) nd start snoozing...Kolaz inorganic n phys chem sounded much more like kathaaprasangam.. her most famous dialogue bieng...'However ther is a biiiiig BUT!'.. nd all of us drowsy kids jumpd out of slumber lookin around 4 the BIG BUTT!!
KP was the one who suggested to go 4 fishing in Meenu tr.s class.. Hey what else r we supposd to do when we are told that ‘Spearmann is not Spiderman’ nd ‘Kendall is mental’ nd tht the easy way to remember maxima nd minima ws to refer to them as Maxi nd Mini!!! So we wud go imaginary fishing singin Summer of 69 lookin at the printout frm A-Z heehee dint know the lyrics by-heart nd looks like I hav this obsession with takin printouts ever since I got that tukkada Canon BJC when I ws in 7th Std.).
With all the tuitions nd stuff I cant remember being awake in both school nd tuitions durin plus2.. Even chewin on CentreShock gum in class didn’t help much. Used to doze off even durin the first hr… Guess I’ve never been more confused than the one time in English class when Pant woke me up and asked me if I used to give whiskey to my cat!! She was referring to something in Shakespeare..
Takin down lecture notes ws the most hilarious part.. All my notes usd to look like ECGs nd all the crap I used to write.. Prospero the giant gardener instead of giant pardoner.. electrons movin to Kottayam…
All those spoofs, quizzes, epic drama, kung-fu night, gay nd ball jokes, dictionary raiding, the J’s, log tables, always being 2nd or 3rd in line (thankfully nevr 1st).. I don’t think I’ve laughed like we usd to laugh, durin those lunch breaks, since getting outta school.
But then it wasn’t always fun.. At some point I got mixed up with existential dilemmas nd became quite indifferent to the ppl around me.. Hmm nd the fights … aaargh.. still makes me feel miserable.. The CoconutBunch( na thtz not the official name of our gang.. I’m the only one who uses tht name) has been through a lot.. a re-run of Chronicles of Boobless Barrymore, anyone?? :o
SNari- U have the credit of being the only person I’ve punched in the face..dnt worry, u deservd it back then :P
Sree- hw did u end up among us crackpots??!!
Pyaaru- I wud’ve apologizd to u for hurtin ur feelings by makin fun of Potty.. but then Linkin Park?!!! WTF man!
Ku-amma- heehee .. i feel tht we owe each other a lot of apologies.. but u hav been a rockinn friend
Mukku- u’re the best!!!no disputes ther.. hey did u or I invent the game ‘Who Kicks Soumya First’ :D
KP- 4 more semesters to go man!!!! Mutual moral supportttttttttttttttt!!

Love u all... hmm isnt tht the pink toilet in the backgnd?? lol :P

June 22, 2007

Lilies n Rain

lifez good.... its rainin.... nd lilies hav bloomed out in the yard

June 08, 2007


I had decided not to post anythin more this month coz of xams whch wud be kickin off after 4 days..but it rained in the mornin nd i ws runnin around the yard with a camera...

Therz a peeping ant in the picture :o

close-up of the peeping ant :D

Vaazha after the shower

Duranta/Goldspot chedi...looks best when rainwashed :P

Blue sky again.....

June 01, 2007


Wrote this poem some weeks back when I was feelin all crappy about my life..But then the s3 results came nd put all things into perspective. What I’ve whined about in the poem seems totally irrelevant now. I think my parents think I’ve gone crazy coz I’ve been running around in glee ever since I got supple-hit. Hmm I thought they’d kick me outta the house aftr tht supershit result.. but they dint!! They are totally supportive about it. But I really suspect they’ve not even attempted to scold or advise me coz they think I’ve gone mad from the shock. Yea, I’ve been sittin nd smiling to myself a lot lately but thtz coz, after a long time I am able to get som focus nd clear-thinking into my life. So here’s Punctured ..Though I’m SO post-Punctured, jus postin it coz I wnt be posting anything else 4 this month.. exams ahead..

It’s not over, the past
It never is.
Why wasn’t I told?
Some may have left it behind,
But it still hovers around
Making me frown, realizing
How stupid I can be.
Making me smile, coz
I’m not the only one.
Making me angry, knowing
There are stupider people
Out there, so close.

It has been rocky and rocking
Outside the shell.
Indifference sometimes crept in
So did complacency.
Tiny angels with scrolls
Reflecting hopelessness
Flittered around
Bringing laughter in the times
Of seemingly eternal frustration.
Laughter seemed precious
Acquiring infinite importance
Commanding to be spread.

The present is consumed
By the summer sun.
The future makes me wanna
Throw my head back
And scream, ‘CRAP!’
Lately, been feeling like
A punctured balloon
Unable to leave the ground
Even when thrown up to the sky
By loving words and hands.
Not sad, not mad, not drunk
Just a bit embarrassed…

May 11, 2007

Spidey!! in kutthon ke saamne mat naach!!

After a hectic week of exams (which i dint write..tho i went to college to check on my friends nd give them moral support :P)..I finally got a chance to see Spidey...hmmm...I'm speechless!! Yea the FX wer cool..the fights wer nail-bitingly awsom...Venom ws lookin super sesky...the black suit once again proved the fact the underW on the inside is way mor appealing than underW on the outside... BUT why wer the villains so...whtz the right word?? touchy nd emotional?? One bad-guy actually goes on to say tht he dosnt hav money to buy rice(well not xactly) so plz forgive him nd let him go..nd Spidey bids him a tearful adieu...MaryJane ws lookin as fossilized as evr.. how ol' is she supposd to be??103?!! Nd in the end the only gud lookin guy in the movie gets killed..but not before gettin half of his beautiful face tandoorified...damn it!!! O yea Spidey breaks into an impromptu dance when he gets infected by som symbiotic creature frm outerspace..(i dint know aliens on Planet Babushka frm Kokachee galaxy knew tap dancin!!)

Right now ive got nothin to do..hd com to college to get som lab rec wrk done..seems like it woudnt be ready for anothr 3 hours.. so im in the college lab now wher every important nd educational sites like orkut etc. are banned.. I can't even play Chuzzle <>on yahoo games..heehee thtz a weird game..u match 3 or more cuddly hairy creatures of the same color nd they explode..itza fantastic game to play when ure completely stressed out..all those xplodin cuddly creatures........niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiceee..

April 29, 2007


Was standing near the backstage telling Nazia tht I might wet my underpants any minute when KP came nd said tht she hs already wet her pants with not just no:1 but 2,3,4 nd 5!! Our movie spoof was up next..

Some 3 hours back all of us were staring at the rain pouring down heavily on the open stage nd the chairs tht wer holdin enuf water to play ‘whose-jeans-cn-absorb-most’.. They were planning to shift the all the college day programs to the seminar hall..Since we cudnt perform without a backstage (dubbing issues) we wer almost sure tht our spoof wudve to be cancelled..So we wer standin ther nd commentin on som guy’s weird hairstyle whn Prameela came nd told me tht the weird hairstyle-guy ws my orkut buddy nd he wanted to meet me..I grabbed a friend nd fled 100mph in the opposite direction to another block.. Im not xcatly the kinda person who cn go upto ppl nd say ‘yo!wassup dude’ in these kinda situations ..hehe.. Som ppl mistake this critical chammal for jaada..enikku vayya ;)

After the official ceremony, frnds joined me in the canteen nd as we wer tackling the rubberized chicken, the lights went off….kooooooioooooooooiiii.. howled our lungs out as if we were possessed by Himesh Reshammiya nd the stray VenugopalanPatti who stays in Palm Grove lane in Sasthamangalam. Perfect silence as the lights came bac on nd shined upon the faces of some shockd parents..

As we wer suckin on the Mango bar(which tastes real bad..but why complain when u get it 4 free :P) we heard som cheerin frm outside!! Thtz when we came to knw tht the programs wer goin to be held in the mainstage itself!! Completely freakd out coz som kids who wer ther for dubbing had already left thinking tht the program ws cancelld.. We had told them(like only a hundred times) not to leave coz ther ws a small chance tht the programs wud resume on the mainstage whn the rain stops.. Rockin!!

Changed into our costumes real fast..Found som new kids 4 dubbing..did one quick round of practice.. nd went to the backstage with jelly-legs nd unsure bladders..All the folks wer laughin seeing me, Naaz and Rakhee in school uniforms..Suresh sir ws like ‘iyaalkku pattiya dress ithu tanneya’..hehe I knw school uniforms suit me best coz I’m asked atleast twice a week ‘moleh,which class r u studying in’ or ‘did u join engineering right after 6th std??'.. We wer wearing St.Thomas uniforms coz my Holy Angels’ skirt has this constant tendency to do a Marilyn Munroe at the slightest sign of a breeze..Why gift the audience with a peek of my ol’ battered HongKong tights(which thankfully dint fall off while I ws on stage) ..

The opening scene ws an item number by Nisha(as Kareena-the sesky Kamini acc. to her, with Parvathy operatin the sound track-awsom job man!!).. Then Don(KP- lukin very much like a sleek mafia don;voice by Poorna) is kidnapped by goondas (PP nd Indu..'aliyaa..dendu lavane koodi pidi!!') of Gabbar Singh(Shally- the perfect thug;voice-Anjolie..perfect BUHAHAHA). Karan Johar(Vibha;voice:Anusha..who also dubbd 4 goondas) is also taken along.. Then the 3 gals frm Notebook(Naz, Rakhee nd me; voices:Jincy n Archana) also playin Charlie’s angelz is sent to rescue Don.. At Gabbar’s camp Don is tied up nd Karan Johar made to dance to ‘omanappuzha kadappuram’(K..K..K..Karan in K..K..Kutthon ke saamne m..m..mat naach!!)..Somewher durin the tussle PP accidentally kicked KP in the wrong place nd PP ws like ‘sorry edey’..Ppl remember the fact tht all our bladders wer in unstable condition!!
The 3 gals interrupt Karan Joharz dance nd a fight(me-the smallest of the lot tackling Shally-the biggest, karate style) nd a GK question round(with the ultimate Q-How many km’s frm Washington DC to Miami beach!!) follows..Finally Don is freed..Gabbar nd Don become they plant a tree nd name it Venus(Notebook!!..yech!!!how lame can it get!)..Finally we all dance to ‘PandiMelam’-Rajamanickam style(me nd Nazia did a chicken dance right in frnt of stage)..nd sign off sayin ‘chellakkilii..sullam’(or ws it sulaan ?? I dunno)..

After we got off the stage, with no chappals thankfully attaining enuf range to hit us, the seniors wer like ‘enthoru tolikkatti.. u ppl r our true successors!!’..nd some wer like ‘aaa murder!murder!’ nd the rest wer like ‘wht guts man!!’.. hehe Unfortunately som ppl dint understand wht the entire thing ws all abt.. hd fgotten to write an intro abt the theme..:D.. haa som ppl dosnt even knw wht a spoof guess I shudnt mind..Hmm I hope atleast tht SS lecturer aliyan understood tht we wer takin at a dig at him with one dialogue he always says in class.. ‘Tell meeee!!Tell meeee!!’ snap!snap!snap!

The grand finale ws the fashion shw by the seniors with Shaakuntalam as the theme.. it ws awsom!!

Finally when evrythin got over, I ws makin fun of the kids who invited their parents nd wer made to go home early..then I rang up my father to tell him to com nd pick me up..nd he ws like ‘im right here on the campus’..shit!! man.. I did all those screwloose things on stage with full confidence tht my family wudn’t be there to watch it…aaaaaaaaa..

Nd I came to knw tht som othr kids’ parents on seein me, thot tht a real shool gal ws kidnapped to play the part!! Sho ingane poyaal to join IAFil I’ve to gain atleast 10kilos in 2 yrs!!Shud ask Adnan Sami abt it(dosnt the guy still weigh a 100kilos even after losin 100??)..hehe me in IAF..wudnt tht be somthin!!..its juz one of my several vague aims in this almost driftin life…..vroooooom vroooooommmm..

April 14, 2007

Winamp Gyan

Took a leaf outta deeps’ blog who had the leaf pluckd out frm her sis's blog who in turn..bla bla bla..get the pic right
So me n my buddy KP enqueued all the songs in our systems onto winamp.. lukd up the questions frm deepz blog nd also charted a whole lotta other Qs as well..Activated the toggle shuffle thing nd started on our quest to find the answers to our lives entrusting our fates in the hands of winamp player..Afcoz we knew tht the quest wudnt be perfect without Beck’s Loser in the playlist.. anyways we set forth..*clickin my tongue*- to get the horse hooves BGM

1.How dos the world see me??
Me:Beethoven Seattle symphony.. wha!!! I thot Beethoven ws frm Germany..Whtz he doin in Amriikkka nd wht is he doin in my playlist!!!bad beginning!!!!!
KP:Tanhayee..eeee..eeeee..(DCH) hehehe so ppl see KP as a lone ranger..hmmm

2.What do my frnds think about me?
Me: Tere Bin ..frm bhagam bhag …how sweet
Tere Bin ther aint no desire
Tere bin I cant fly hiiiihiiiihiigherrrr
( oye they find me eqvnt to an airplane engine!!!??)
KP: Chaiyya Chaiyya.. o yea we all think tht shez perpetually dancing on top of a train :D

3.What shud I do with my life?
Me: yaatra aayi.. frm life’s getting over b4 even kickin off properly!! uwaaahh uwaahh :((
KP: pinneyum pinneyum .. yes KP!! perseverance pays.. King Louis taught us dat in Moral sci class when we wer in 4th std… or was it King philips or panasonic ??

4.How will I be remembered?
Me: Sau dard.. frm Jaan-e-mann.. we can either go by the lyrics n think tht ppl will be missin me real bad or we cn go by my interpretation tht I’ve been a pain in the ass for a lot of ppl :D
KP: Kya Kare frm Rangeela.. hmm so ppl will be still ponderin over the things they cudnt convey to KP coz they wer afraid of being punched in the face :P

5.Whats my signature dancing number?
Me: Tu hi Mere shab hai.. Hey wht am I supposd to do?? Ballet???!!!
KP: Yeh jo des frm Swades..yea xcellent dance number :P

6. What song shall be played on my wedding?
Me: Hum ko Maloom hai frm Jaan-e-mann.. dosnt the couple get divorced later in de movie??? Coooolll…
KP: One Night Love Affair – Bryan Adams .. heeheeheee .. xcellenttttttt

7. What song shall be played on my funeral?
Me: Rose – Titanic .. Im gonna puke in my coffin or haunt my funeral planner for the rest of his life and afterlife!!!!
KP: Anbe Vaa – I haven’t heard the song *blushing* nd I hav no idea wht its all abt

8. The song 4 my frnds…
Me: Maula mere..Maula mere frm Anwar.. dos the song have any other lyrics coz I haven’t got past the Maula part yet.. hmm wish I had somthin better 4 u ppl :
KP: Neela raavilinnu ninte- haven’t heard this one either.. think itza gud song.. wud be more meaningful than the one I ended up with anyways..

9. 4 my family
Me: Tu hi mere shab.. luuuuuuuuuuuv u folks!!! >:D<

KP: Nila Kagirathu.. nother gud one

10.Song 4 my AE batch at college
Me:Yeh Kaha Aagaye humm.. yea I knw..we all feel the same durin certain hours in de week
KP: Aisa Jadoo frm Khakee.. yeayyy ..3 cheers 4 AE!!!

11.Song 4 ppl I don’t like!!
Me: Pinneyum pinneyum aaroooo.. yea som ppl juz wont give up on buggin u to the max..pinneyum pinneyum….
KP: Hey Khuda Hafiz.. frm Yuva.. perfect reply \m/

12.Whatz in my head during lectures?
Me: Ek ladki ko dekha to frm 1942 A Luv Story.. I guess I ws thinking abt the people-shooting-down-thebritish part in the flick.. Samurai Hattori go back!!!
KP: Nagumooo-Chitram .. nd I used to wonder wher all the mridangam sounds were coming frm when I was snoozing in class!!

13.Whatz my job gonna be like??
Me: Let me Sleepunknown artist … LOLZ
KP:Thendrale Thendrale..frm Kaadhal Desam.. now what kinda job comes with constantly-blowin breeze?? :-/ ooo I knw..i knw.. sellin peanuts at the beach :P.. dnt worry KP I’ll be ther nearby waitin on tables at the ICH..

14.Whatz dos the future hold for Soum nd Stella.. the golden couple :D??
Me:TornNatalie Imbruglia.. WOW I cn already imagine all the $#^$&^*&^ in tamil Soum’ll be yellin at me if she reads this…
KP:Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba frm KasamPaidaKarneWaaleKi..Mithun das ol disco classic I think .. LOLLLzzzzz.. hehehe

15.Whtz the song 4 my future mom-in-law??
Me:Oops I did it again.. Britney Spears.. Ok ppl enuf with ur imagination running amok!!
KP:Bhanware ki Gunjan….. dos that mean ‘manure 4 garden’??? :D

16.Finally, some thoughts on myself..
Me:Its My Life-Bon Jovi \m/ - \m/
KP: Pooncholai – the one frm Keertichakra.. NOT frm Sphadikam :P

We had around 40 queries answered.. but then I dont intend make my blog as long as KANK.. So signin off.. Nyways conclusion drawn- must kick my sis for downloadin songs from Jaan-e-mann nd wher r all the YO songs when u need em??!!
This post is dedicated to deepz , winamp nd to yahoo messngr :)

March 29, 2007

We Ran, We Lost(well, most of us) Nd In the End We Stunk like DungBombs!!

Whenever something hi-funda happens, I decide to blog about it and start scribbling. But mostly it ends up as yet another draft in the posts folder. But today I’m determined to blog about the sports’ day coz I’m having lab exam tomorrow and I’ve got nothing better to do :P.
Sports day kicked off with the march past. Thankfully, Jubba Narayanan Kutty kept his speech short. Last time he(or was it the chief guest, don’t remember well) had gone on to give a speech of epic proportions on AC cabins nd relaxed lifestyles, when we, the march past kids, were standing there and melting in the scorching sun. Felt like throwing chappals at him then. The chief guest today, city police commissioner, was a sensible person. His speech hardly lasted a minute. Hoo..

Sports started with the 50m race. Reached third from last in the first round :D.. I ROCK!!!Shal was third(frm the 1st).
Went nd registered for long jump.. got freaked psyched nd chickened out seeing the juniors jump. Seemed like they had some magnetic field attached to their butts that repelled them off the pit for some distance.. Seriously!!!
KP and PP ran for the 100m. KP reached 4th .

[li'l PT ushaz]

Shot put was never my item.. :D.. so why push the competition further( to the negative displacement side) :D :D.. Anyways me and kp wanted to try it out.. So we waited till the event got over ( 4 the kids nd the staff).. Then suddenly Choreesh and his best buddy appeared outta nowhere picked up the shot and walked away. We followed them until Choreesh put the shot down. I was the first one to try putting. Hehe Suresh Sir had the luck to witness to my historic lousy throw. KPz throw was way better.

Shal burst into a gloriously fast run during her lap in the obstacle race which pushed AE frm the 3rd to the 2nd spot. She was extrasupercool today :).
CS (Blues) apparently committed some foul nd a huge argument cum adi broke out..
[The AE obstacle race team]

Then it was photo session time for us and biriyani cum ice-cream session 4 the staff :(… The empty podium looked really tempting..:P

[the 'fight' 4 the first place :p]

And also clickd som pics of the sirs so tht we cn do som voodoo on them.. no actually we had other plans .. unfortunately we dint get that perfect shot.

[from left- the sir who either misinterpreted or had hallucinations about the feedback our class gave him whn we wer in s1s2.. then the sir who confiscated my camera during the excursion nd refused to close the shutter/lens tho it ws drizzling.. then the last two-aaaargh!!! ]

We were hanging around the new block when they put som music. Me nd KP broke into a disco.. saw KP stop suddenly..i danced for some more time nd turned around to see what KP was grinning sheepishly at… nd ther was Soju sir( affectionately known as Soju Maaman among the kids) beaming at us.. haa Naanam kettu ennallathe enthu parayaan :”>
Tug O’ war was the last event… The power houses of AE.. Shally, Helen nd Chechi Bandar bagged the prize 4 us.. EC wer the overall winners.. with us AE comin 2nd .. followed by CS.. IT ws nowhere to be seen..

[vadam vali]

Tho all of us hd great fun, this sports day was nowhere near last year’s in the fun scale.. Last year there was much more participation from the staff - Sajan Sir skidding across the ground during the relay, Sprint queen Jayalekshmi Ma’am beatin the Sirs, Jayamohan Sir’s laws of mechanics failing miserably during the tug O’ war, Smithy sir flying across the ground and almost past the Central jail compound wall, the library guy’s commentary, Soju sir long jumpin( or atleast making the effort)..Last year was fun :) This time staff participation was way less..But the ones who did take part did well..

[DungBombs of LBS]

In the evening, watched the Sirs nd kids play badminton for some time.. Was almost snoozing sitting in the bus on the way home and som stupid kid was pointing at me and saying ‘heeehoo chechi urangunnooo’.. Ok kid.. discovery of the millennium!! congratz nd get lost..I need to sleep.