June 22, 2007

Lilies n Rain

lifez good.... its rainin.... nd lilies hav bloomed out in the yard

June 08, 2007


I had decided not to post anythin more this month coz of xams whch wud be kickin off after 4 days..but it rained in the mornin nd i ws runnin around the yard with a camera...

Therz a peeping ant in the picture :o

close-up of the peeping ant :D

Vaazha after the shower

Duranta/Goldspot chedi...looks best when rainwashed :P

Blue sky again.....

June 01, 2007


Wrote this poem some weeks back when I was feelin all crappy about my life..But then the s3 results came nd put all things into perspective. What I’ve whined about in the poem seems totally irrelevant now. I think my parents think I’ve gone crazy coz I’ve been running around in glee ever since I got supple-hit. Hmm I thought they’d kick me outta the house aftr tht supershit result.. but they dint!! They are totally supportive about it. But I really suspect they’ve not even attempted to scold or advise me coz they think I’ve gone mad from the shock. Yea, I’ve been sittin nd smiling to myself a lot lately but thtz coz, after a long time I am able to get som focus nd clear-thinking into my life. So here’s Punctured ..Though I’m SO post-Punctured, jus postin it coz I wnt be posting anything else 4 this month.. exams ahead..

It’s not over, the past
It never is.
Why wasn’t I told?
Some may have left it behind,
But it still hovers around
Making me frown, realizing
How stupid I can be.
Making me smile, coz
I’m not the only one.
Making me angry, knowing
There are stupider people
Out there, so close.

It has been rocky and rocking
Outside the shell.
Indifference sometimes crept in
So did complacency.
Tiny angels with scrolls
Reflecting hopelessness
Flittered around
Bringing laughter in the times
Of seemingly eternal frustration.
Laughter seemed precious
Acquiring infinite importance
Commanding to be spread.

The present is consumed
By the summer sun.
The future makes me wanna
Throw my head back
And scream, ‘CRAP!’
Lately, been feeling like
A punctured balloon
Unable to leave the ground
Even when thrown up to the sky
By loving words and hands.
Not sad, not mad, not drunk
Just a bit embarrassed…