December 28, 2006


More thn one year since the last post...nd i'm gonna restart bloggin coz of my new friend Hari whoz probably gonna be the only person readin this blog coz none of my other friends show any remote interest in bloggin :D...since i'm not gettin any flashes of brilliance to blog about i'll juz do a sum up of ths year...
2006 ws my first pure collg year...last year ws half school half college. So this year was supposed to special..
One of the biggest surprises of the year was the sports day. It was supposed to be for the kidz but our lecturers stole the thunder..They were long jumpin, shot puttin nd tug o' warring in full glory..I thought of takin part in the running race but then i chickened out seein our seniors running like mad elephants(no offence meant).
College day was went on till 1.30am or something..that day I got the certificate for the first prize i had won for the poetry competition in the artz fest..glorious momentz :)
Had almost 2 months leave b4 the S1S2 xamz..Visited athirappally, silent valley nd nelliampathy durin tht time. Athirappally ws as awsom nd grand as ever...Silent valley ws so green even at the height of summer..the air was so crisp that i felt like i had serviced nd upgraded my lungs..the only dampener was the attack of the leeches. Unfortunately cudn't see any hep wild animals. Just the usual lion tailed macaque, some giant squirrels nd som blue parrots..Last time we had gone ther we spotted a panther nd a leopard..i ws lookin in som other direction so i juz saw the black panther.
Nelliampathy was fun too..encountered som wild boars and deer..Had a most wonderful experience on the way back to dadz quarters at pattambi... It was really late at night and achan dozed off while drivin nd we went round nd round mission impossible style nd landed in front of som guyz gate..hehe
Faced my first university examz ever in June...It was ridiculous. The study leave was so long that in the end i was in a holiday mood even when the xamz kicked off. I had prepared better than this even 4 my 10th std. history board exam, fully considering the fact that I still have'nt finished readin tht History text book by som Xavier Pinto guy.
S3 kicked off some time in subjects..i really want to comment about our ssd sir..but hez beyond words..infact we still havent figured out what language he speaks even after the semester is over...No wonder hez been christened as Arabi Sir...
I got my driving license som time in august..the inspector at the drivin test place ws flabbergasted when he saw such a tiny creature like me waitin to take the test..he asked me tht wudn't a cycle be enuf ... @$$+*!#
Had the most horrible/tragic onam ever... We had planned to visit munnar to see the neelakurinji bloomin..On the way we stopped by at ammaz house in Changanassery..Her brother ws kinda sick..So amma nd achan took him to the hospital nd he passed away in the ICU..We spent one week ther.. i was depressed coz of the death nd also by the fact tht i hd missed the chance to see kurinji nd the newspapers wer full of it durin those times...Steve Irwin also died in tht sting ray accident on the day tht my uncle passed away..tht news was like a hammer blow on the head..
Then sometime in September it was excursion time..nd the places wer kodai nd munnar..the same places i had missed the chace to visit durin onam..Had the time of our lives..drowned ourselves in homemade nd kp got firing frm Abdul salam sir 4 takin too much fotos of the kurinjis.. kalabodham illathe bloody iguana..When i told about the incident to my parents thtz what they also said..but in milder terms afcoz.
Then it was results time...guess what!! my EC marks are- 49/100 nd my grafix marks 96/100.. wonder why i evr took up electronics...shudve taken up architecture..biggest regret of my life :(
Then visited munnar again..this time with family durin the deepavali/pooja/eid holidays.. saw neelakurinjiz once again nd the biggest herd of nilgiri tahrs tht i hd ever seen in my life.. Munnar never fails to surprise...
At som point of time i got the weird idea tht i shud stand for the post of magazine editor in the college elections...filed my nomination nd even went on stage to give a kidukkan speech in the meet the candidate session.. afcoz i lost(gloriously)..Now the senior who had won has invited me to join the editorial board... buhahahaha!!!!
December arrived nd it was univ xam time again...3 over ..3 more to go nd thn lab nd w/s..but all thtz gonna be happenin in the new year..ha..whattan year itz gonna be...About the ones that are over...SSD was as an 'absolute delight'..i was the first one to flee frm the xam hall..nazia nd kp followed.. study leave cum vacation kickd off nd is still goin on..went to ooty durin christmas time..plant collection for amma as usual...
then found a real great friend frm orkut...wht to say abt him..mebbe i shud copy paste the testi i wrote 4 him in orkut..well u can see what a good friend he is juz cosiderin tht fact the he has kickd me out of a one year bloggin hibernation to write such a big entry three cheers for Hari or shud i say Huggie Hari..nay tht sounds awful..So signin off nw..Mebbe i'll post another one one year later ;)