October 11, 2005

The Morning Ride

Making it to the college in the morning by the city bus is a big event by itself. As I travel thru the breadth of the city, sumo sized aunties faintly smelling of sweat in the early morning sandwich me between them...ofcourse they're oblivious of my relatively microscopic existence.The fellow students dutifully load me up with all of their bags, files, books and uv-protection layered umbrellas. But even as I struggle to find my balance , comes the time tht makes the journey all worthwhile...when it happens the world around me seems to go in slow motion..itz my old school bus passing by nd it looks like an old foto album of my school life...all the faces in it r mine..when i ws in kindergarten..when i ws in primary school...when i ws in high school..but then the faces change..they r not mine but of strangers who have taken over wht ws once mine.Before i realize the moment is gone nd more sumo aunties have jammed into the city bus cutting off my view of the road...When I reach my college I'm miserable knowing tht the faces tht wud greet me ther r not the ones tht used to ride with me in tht school bus. As I day-dream my way thru the classes i hope for a day when i wud cease to notice my old school bus.

-To all my friends.Missing u all :(

October 08, 2005

yummy yummy paints

there is no better word for what i feel about colors nd paint other than "YUMMY"..i'm not joking. i sit in class nd drool thinking about winged frothy blobs of paints floating in the sky...i dream abt digging my hands into buckets nd buckets of thick colors... aaaaahaaa bliss bliss!!!but tht doesnt mean i dont like black nd white...sepia nd other tones..infact i'd like the sun to be a monochromatic source atleast once in a month...nd all of us cn run abt as black bodies nd white bodies or maybe some other toned bodies :)..nd the sun shud be a big disco ball too sometime ....

so as a tribute to colors here's my first oil painting which ws done some years back..it ws so cool to squeeze out the colors frm the tube nd mix it nd daub it aaaaaaaaahaaaaa more bliss!!!

August 25, 2005

through the distorted looking glass - a self portrait

What exactly is the driving force behind a self portrait?Is it an obsession with immortality tht makes us sketch out our face on something more lasting than a looking glass?Or maybe it must be that the looking glass doesn't give us back a creation of our own ... or maybe it shows the distortions we do not want to see or maybe it does not show the distortions we want to see...or maybe i'm just confused why my self portarait is not looking anything like me :)