June 10, 2008


A friend of mine who happens to b a tamilian was telling the othr day tht she wsnt getting any friend requests in orkut from any great tamil guys tho she ws a member of lotta tamil-related communities.. Call it a miracle or a freak of d world wide web..she found this messge in her orkut inbox the next day( yes som ppl stil accidentally check those junk orkut msgs)

From: xxxxx <**********>
Date: --------------------------
Subject: hai

first i like to tell about myself, i like to relate only with brahmin girls i am born from brahmin family, my family is so interested in god devotion making their ways, so i didn't able to make any girl friends for me, i read your profile, i like to make a good relation ship with you till my life ends, please sent the messages for me in my mail address: , how is your life going on, i like to make more respectable and descently behaved to any one, please tell more details about yourself, take care, god grace you, thank you, i am waiting for your excellent reply, i pray for you anytime, you are the most happiest girl in the world making lot of funnable and enjoyable moments in your part of life, it will be done in your life, i pray for you anytime because i like to make a good relationship with till my life ends in the happiest part of human life, thank you, i like to tell one think because i believe you so much, and i sent you message yesterday, i like you so much and i like to make a long term relation ship with you till my life ends, it becomes truely i am not playing with you just entertainment, i am seriously liking you, so i send you a message, only one think last i tell to you, iam truely give a more dicipline and more respect to you, you also make a true relation ship with me, please i request you to make a message for me immeadietly, i am waitin g for your reply, take care baby, your's affectionaly : seenu from india (tamilnadu)

Yes seenu..we all r very funnable and affectional people :o hmm ive seen fwds like this b4 but this one is an original :o :o :o

March 21, 2008

Juz 4 Horror

Exams do bring out the creativity in many people..nd first series xam comin up this monday so i decided to blog after a long break..

Topic of discussion: well nothin in particular.. tho chalus n jokes wud b gud to recollect.. Its hard to remem all d jokes crackd since i hang out with the founding professors of the Chalu University.. These chalus have all of us rollin on d floor or stabbin ourselves with imaginary knives whn theyre crackd.. may not seem much whn quoted later like this.. its all abt timing.. still gonna giv it a shot..startin off with one tht ws crackd by a non-founder.. it wsnt exactly an intentional chalu tho..

[J to a smoldering Unicorn who happens to be twice her height n weight]: (after hijacking the 3rd bench) its not like what u think...this is not actually the 3rd bench..

[Unicorn leans on Boxer to get somethin from the desk]
[KP]: ayyo.. randu aana charinju!

[A]: He is like this tall :(( (pointin to some tree)
[RP]: aaha.. Atbhuthadweep! :P

[B]:Come n draw this diagram on the board
[M]:No i wont
[M]: Ask R.. she has more coverage :>
[R]: phattaaakkkkk!
[B]: :o

[B]: staffinte vaka what all programs for onam?
[KP]: thappum tudiyum

M's mob vibrates n makes big sound

L runs outta class to check his mob n returns puzzled
[Sun]: ayyee sir kili aayi

CO class.. M sittin n dreamin n starin outta d window
[V]: Why r u lookin outta the window?
[M]: Eh? wht? O ma'am oru kili parannu poyathu nokkiyathaa :|

Early mornin.. JD's tuition class.. all of us nodding off.. one crow hops along an electric line outside
[drowsy KP]:hmmm... kaakka odaloo
snorts frm all direction.. JD swoops in :o

Late evening..JD's tuition class.. all of us nodding off
[M]:Ther is actually a fish called kokkola matthi
[KP]: :wht?!
[JD]:wats goin on?
[KP]: M says her favourite fish is kokkola matthi
JD swoops in :|

S's Fuzzy elective class
[S]: A barber cuts hair 4 people in a village. But he dosnt cut for people who hav cut their own hair. So can the barber cut his own hair? If he does in which set can he be included?
[M]: applyin fuzzy logic......
[S]: U cannot apply fuzzy logic
[M]:(aside) O Baabur vettiyillengil Akbar vettum.. phoooo
[KP]: M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Dol]: aaru enthu paranjaalum i will bunk.. enikkum ille vyaktitwam!!!

[M]: o 11kv line valichaano tante hair ingane aaye RP?
[RP]: oho frequency koodi slew rate kaaranam alledo tante hair ingane straight aayi kidakkunne!

[KP]: coffee hut is a hi5 place.. 5 people cn share one milk shake with no naanakkedu

[Sun]:i'll hav a brownie
[coffee hut guy]:we are out of brownies
[Sun]: ayyo chettaa oru brownie polum baaki ille!

this one i heard frm a friend
[D]:(turns around n stares n glares at the class as usual)
[X]: dey ivarenthaa eppozhum ingane kannurutti nokkunne
[Y]: janichu veenappol entho kandu bhayannathaa paavam

[M]: O u dont like veg food?
[S]: o i kinda get tensed seein vegetables.. suddenly seem to forget all their cultivation aspects :o

hehe thtz it for now.. got loads left.. but i guess anyone who succesfully reached this far mite already be reachin 4 imaginary knives..so taata

January 27, 2008

____________________ (itza blank space)

First post for 2008 and im juz gonna blabber about stuff coz im too tired to think after suffering an onslaught of ultra shitty xams..
New year nd christmas got drowned in all the wedding prep..Yup sis got married on dec 28th n it was.... What i found really weird was that, usually when the elder sis gets married aunties swarm around u gigglin nd sayin..'aa ure next'.. But in my case not even one ammachi did that.. I knew that most aunties found me a bit unsocial.. but i dint know tht they found me anti-social as well.. heehee.. allathe vere enthu parayaan!!

The year is still young n i've already been theppi-kkified.. BIG TIME!! A friend (thinkin abt takin away the 'r' from tht word) came over for combined study nd declared to my mother, the list of all the movies i went 4... bunkin classes last sem.. nd topped off the theppu by laughing about it n sayin 'oo wasn't what i juz did so cool!'... Dint quite expect a stab on moi spine so early in 2008..

The 'Big Realization' of this year(so far).. Im still scared to cross the road.. Stood at the zebra crossing near Ayurveda college absolutely petrified for a long time until one kid half my size and age crossed the road.. I ran behind her happily n as fast as i could.. :D

nd The theme song for the university exams that juz got over -'Aye hip hopper.. mujhe pyaar to kar le hip hopper' (Ishq Bector feat. Sunidhi Chauhan).. it really 'helps' in improvin your concentration while writing exams... aaaaaargh!!!

One of the best things so far this year.. Finally got to watch 'Transformers'.. thanx to Shanil d Gr8 :P.. been in love with that movie ever since i'd seen the previews... n it turned out to be as great n rocking as i expected... The only new movie i watched this year is Sreenivasanz 'Kathaparayumbol'.. simple and good movie.. very good in bits n pieces...

Guess this is it 4 d first 2008 post..... nd finally

Wisecrack of Jan 2008:
(in an auto.. on d way to the zoo after the xams)
[KP]: Hey Sundar.. we're goin to d zoo to see ur friends
[Me]: Ahem.. KP.. WE are her friends...
[KP]: Oh... shit! :D

December 19, 2007


Is it jus me or is anyone else too getting shocked seeing the stars most folks are hanging outside their homes for this X'mas?? If anyone has missed these wonderful beauties do not worry...u can feast ur eyes here.. I couldn't capture some of the most striking ones of this season.. yet ..well see 4 urself :D

STUNNED AT FIRST SIGHT!! When i first saw these at a shop i was like' bla! who'd buy this stuff!'.. but then....

As u cn see some of them r even refusing to fit inside the frame!!!

TWO OF A KIND( 2 LBT-ians hav hung these frilly beauties nd yea.. they're neighbours) .. well, these happen to be some of the relatively plain nd dull ones i've seen


I guess they all look better at night.. ennu paranju samaadhanikkaam

Anyways... definition of beauty is different for different people.. So guess i shudn't make a big fuss over these new kinds of stars all of which seem to have sprouted somethin all over them.. Its juz a big shining orb after all.. Rest is upto our imagination.. BUT could anyone please explain to me why this star in the final pic is wearing a bra??!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

November 03, 2007


Didn't update my blog for the past one month... nd my IV chronicles have gone down the drain.. Can't bring myself to blog about the rest of the journey.. so i'm doin my usual trick.. postin a couple of pics..a kinda collage this time..for each day of the trip nd som words on it.. This isn't a proper post..i'm doin this juz to patch up the job i had begun so enthusiastically..hmm why the heck am i explainin myself.....

DAY 3: Satellites, KFC nd becoming Attappaadiis
No fotos on this day coz fotography ws prohibited inside ISRO Satellite Centre(ISAC).. Had a great time witnessing the work goin into the Chandraayan Mission nd also into the launch of CARTOSAT..Learnt a whole lot on satellites.. This was also the day when most of us almost ran out of money after heavy-duty shopping in the streets of Blore..Dinner comprised of a bucket of KFC nd the best chocolate sundae I've ever had in my life.. ok now im wonderin why i dint click a snap of that sundae..

DAY 4: Forum, Oolaalaa Wonderla(!!) n Rain Disco

Had a great time watchin the greenery at Forum nd an awsom time at Wonderla..Eatin cotton candy in a giant wheel tht seemed to be on top of the world ws as great as seein the sky beneath my feet nd the horizon upside down while being thrown at som random direction by a ride gone beserk..nd 24 songs in the rain disco..nananju pandaaram adangi :)

DAY 5: Church, Dungeon, Crazy river ride, Palace , Pedali nd a Temple..

This was the day at Mysore..the day when an ultra genius formulated the theory 'For girls gettin wet is like being half-naked'..I'm not revealing any names..veruthe enthinaa..Also happens to be the day when we had the lousiest food(frm a kerala hotel :P)..Mysore palace ws stunning..the statues of those leopards flexin their muscles nd their saberteeth all out...aaaaa.The kotta-boat ride on Kaveri ws great..the hi-point ws when the guy in the boat rotated the kotta in hi-speed when we reached the middle of the river..all i can remember abt tht moment now is Fatima's face goin round n round in front of my eyes. Chamundi temple ws draped in mist on that chilly evening..the city lights were flickerin down in the valley..looked like a lake of lights down there..hmm much more like a lava lake..Couldn't jump around much on this day coz i had a stiff neck(wonderla-hangover).. pedali ulukkiya dinam.. nd also the day on which we wer speakin a new language with all de words startin with 'L'..loo loody lool.. las loo lish..lecetra..

DAY 6: Mimicry n song, Monks, Nepalian Born-apart nd a crazy night

This ws my fav day ..Had the best bus-bash of the enitre journey.. Soju Sir was in full form.. Performed mimicry of some of our dear teachers..Itz real easy imitating some of them..All u hav to do is snap ur fingers, bang ur forehead nd say 'sho!sho! enthaado ithu..ithu ingane alleyoo!!' :D.. Travelled towards Coorg. Passed through acres of golden corn fields spread far nd wide till the horizon nd reached Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery. It was one of the most liberating experiences i've ever had in my life. Dunno how else to put it. The mediation hall with the towering yet non-imposing statues with sparrows chirpin all around.. a monk lookin out into the light streaming thru the window.. these images are gonna last forever in my mind .
Then at the Tibetan market RP nd Shal vaayunnokki pandaaram adangi..Finally the guy gave them a nice flying kiss when the bus pulled out of the place..We nicknamed him Nepalian Born-apart..KP drank a pepsi mycan nd started behavin like she has had vodka..Abbey falls was awsom..the walk thru the plantation kinda path whistling our lungs out.. the spray on our face.. :)... That night was the craziest night of all..The craziness started with the dinner menu card which had some really weird items on it(check out the foto)..Then we had a camp fire without fire( the logs apparently got wet.. nd I went nd theri vilichi-fied the hotel guy for tht..)..Soju sir ws looking real happening in a lungi..nd At night..hehehe.. lemme jus say tht we deprived the sleep of a lot of people.. fixed fan club nd press club inaugrations, proved our tholikattiis nd laughed our guts out..nd found out that we were more daring than truthful

DAY 7:The last day, a Greenery filled train journey nd a great night

Set off to Mangalore after a misty mornin in Coorg..Was screamin at each other in our own, doggie-version of hindi..'saali magarmach..himmat hai to saamne aa!!'..Then it was the journey back home in the Malabar Express..had a field-day runnin abt nd oggling at very lush greenery spread over various coaches n compartments..stayed up till 4.30am with nazia jincy n all..truth or dare cum PD session :D...Came to know several hilarious truths..Again deprived the sleep of som people by ringin them up in that ungodly hour..My sim card flew away to som place in tht frenzy..then found it.. One by one left the group as sleep started creepin in..finally wound up the session(it ws juz 3 of us remainin..me poorna nd nazia) when nazia started speakin marubhasha..
DAY 8: Back home
The train was crowded with commuters when I woke up 3 hours later.. gathered up all the bags nd waited for the train to pull into the Pettah station..Got down ther along with Reji nd Peeraparu nd waved goodye to my friends as they headed for the final station-Trivandrum Central...


Hey I think I did better chronicling than I expected..Nyways I can continue with my normal blogging now that the IV chronicles are over.. Mebbe I should next blog about turning 20 (finally...duh!)

added on later:

PS:- Forgot to thank peeraparu for foldin my sheet every mornin..wht wud ive done without her!! Peeraparu.. u rock!! BTW Peeru ws also the most hyper among us durin the trip..
nd abt one more incident I fgot to mention.. While playin Truth or Dare in the MalabarExp on the journey back home..it was Pai's turn to speak the truth..nd we asked her..who was the person she disliked the most in class..At 1st she was like..'aye theres noone i dislike'..I kept pressin her..nd finally she ws like..'yea since ure askin so much..thers one preson i ..not exactly dislike but have felt angry with or somethin..its u Megha..coz I've seen u being real rude to some person'...tang tang tang tang tang... naanam kettu ennaalaathe enthu parayaan..awkward silence until i finally said..'comeon spin the bottle again' :D.. KP ws in splits when she heard abt this next mornin nd ws like..'Pai shudve seen u when u wer in skool..she'd prolly faint seein ur ol degree of rudeness'..LOL