June 10, 2008


A friend of mine who happens to b a tamilian was telling the othr day tht she wsnt getting any friend requests in orkut from any great tamil guys tho she ws a member of lotta tamil-related communities.. Call it a miracle or a freak of d world wide web..she found this messge in her orkut inbox the next day( yes som ppl stil accidentally check those junk orkut msgs)

From: xxxxx <**********>
Date: --------------------------
Subject: hai

first i like to tell about myself, i like to relate only with brahmin girls i am born from brahmin family, my family is so interested in god devotion making their ways, so i didn't able to make any girl friends for me, i read your profile, i like to make a good relation ship with you till my life ends, please sent the messages for me in my mail address: , how is your life going on, i like to make more respectable and descently behaved to any one, please tell more details about yourself, take care, god grace you, thank you, i am waiting for your excellent reply, i pray for you anytime, you are the most happiest girl in the world making lot of funnable and enjoyable moments in your part of life, it will be done in your life, i pray for you anytime because i like to make a good relationship with till my life ends in the happiest part of human life, thank you, i like to tell one think because i believe you so much, and i sent you message yesterday, i like you so much and i like to make a long term relation ship with you till my life ends, it becomes truely i am not playing with you just entertainment, i am seriously liking you, so i send you a message, only one think last i tell to you, iam truely give a more dicipline and more respect to you, you also make a true relation ship with me, please i request you to make a message for me immeadietly, i am waitin g for your reply, take care baby, your's affectionaly : seenu from india (tamilnadu)

Yes seenu..we all r very funnable and affectional people :o hmm ive seen fwds like this b4 but this one is an original :o :o :o


checking said...

Chances are someone was trying to pull your friend's legs :-)
Looks way too "funnable" to be an original :D

checking said...

By the way you should allow non-blogger/google users comment as well :-)
You can change the comment-options to get that working.

lakshmy said...

lols....ur blog seems so 'FUNNABLE nd AFFECTIONAL' [:P]

shanil said...

A reply similar to this,from any1 of d dozens of tamil girls he must hve sent this to,wuld hve made our mr seenu bravo go :x

From: peenu
Subject: Re: hai
To: seenu annan

This is my humbler, excellent reply. I like to relate only with brahmin boys, luckily all my relatives turned out to be of the brahmin type so thats why i am the most happiest girl in the world. I too, born from a brahmin family whoes ways are made by god devotion. But nowadays we like you pray just anytime we want [kadavullae mannikungo]
Your message was a thriller, what a elegant you are, what a brave you showed. I have been shy to even look at any boys profile till now. I want many many ships of relations with you.U are scaring by talking about your life ending. Are you a sick?
I am now a waiter for your reply, may godfast, tanku tanku
yours lovaly, peenu frm pollachi

KP said...

lols...hope we get more hilarious stuff to blog about from the one n only seenu!and hope she is "satisfied" wid d frnd req+laaauve letter>:)

g-man said...

wow neat...could you blog about the response next time :)

parvathy said...

now that was a laugh...ohh god i cldnt stop laughing after reading ur blog...i am thanking seenu for giving us a laugh...HAHAHA...

Hari said...

Thanks a lot seenu for that dose of laughter.. :) and so too for megha.. :) keep posting more things like this.. :) Shanil... :-) ur reply was rocking.. :D

megha said...

@checkin- a fair share of the non blogger-google comments r offers on boob jobs n stuf so sayin pass on ur advice..thanx 4 commentin

@lakshmy lol-ikkodo lol-ikko :P

@shanil- ur d best :>

@kp- yes the friend is veeeeery satisfied :D

@g-man- scroll up n cn see a grt reponse.. as 4 d frnd who got d mesg ..she wsnt tht keen on respondin

@pyaru- yea all hail seenu d gr8 :o

@hari- loadsa funny ppl around alle :P

Bullshee said...

Oi!!! A very old blogger who dissapeared from blogworld!! What happened?

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Biju nilamel said...

LOL, seenu performed comprehenslively and completely!, well i can really see his love!...damn real..Ur tamil friend would hav not slept fr days!...

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