January 20, 2007


6 or 7 years back when I wrote a composition on this topic in school, Abhishek Bachchan was on the very top of this list..Right nw he doesn’t even make it to the top 1500 I guess..hehehe
Now tht im thinkin to scribble somthin on the things I hate my mindz blank…..hmmm lemme think lemme think…
Mebbe makin a list will help…. So…*thinkin* …*thinkin*…*thinkin*.. yesss :)

1.People ringin me up early in the mornin nd askin, ‘hey! Wer u sleepin???’…naa I ws dancin naked on the terrace with a pineapple on my head..DUH!!!!!

2.Aunties comin nd askin, ‘moleh, don’t u eat anything…u r so thin!!’…when the probablity of me survivin for almost 2 decades without havin any fud is same as the probability of hippos being our immediate evolutionary ancestors… nd why arent any of these aunties worried abt themselves being really fat??? :-/

3.This one is abt somethin ive mentioned in one of my earlier posts…ladies comin nd askin me to adjust so tht they cn be the third person on a 2 seater in a bus, when itz so obvious tht the seat cant hold one more pair of butts!!!.. Why cant they juz ask me to get up so they cn sit comfortably…hmmm :-L..this happend to me twice or thrice this week nd they wernt ol' ladies at all!!!

4.Religious fundamentalism. I dunno hw to xplain this.. Pride is gud to an xtent but such crude nd primal obsession makes me nauseous..

5.The fact tht ther is no balance or justice in Nature.. why do women always hav to be the ones getting pregnant?? it shud’ve been random like either the guy or the gal cn get pregnant ..tht wudve solved the population xplosion to a large extent coz hw many guyz wud be willin to go thru with tht xperience…nd mebbe they wud pay more attention to birth control then..buhahahaha!!!

6.People blabberin on nd on nd on..actually I dnt hve a problem with tht coz im a much better listener thn a speaker.. the bad part comes when, aftr listenin to the endless ramblings, I open my mouth to say somthin nd the othr person getz up nd leaves or makes no sign of hvin noticd tht im tryin to speak nd keeps on speakin…. Heheheh G u knw right, who im talkin abt, dnt u :D

7.Advice comin frm ppl who think tht Bharatchandran IPS is a movie-name startin with ‘F’ (faratchandran!!!) nd frm witch moled ppl who think the new gen hs no social awareness or knwledge, yet (also)think tht a leech is capable of puncturin the tyre of an SUV..

8.Some more things I hate– aviyal nd othr goeey veg stuff like ladyfingers, butterfly hair bands, stuff wid lotsa frills, pink fluffy stuff, all ponypuff princess like stuff, buckle shoes, ink pens, Blondie’s ‘Maria’, Himesh Reshammiyaz voice, Kaviyoor Ponnamma screamin ‘nikku ponam, nikku ponam’, people faking trissur accent, mega-soaps…nd on n on n on…

These r in no particular order…. There mebbe things tht I hate loadsa times more thn i hate any of the things ive said above… heheh im sure ther r.. right nw these r the only things tht I cn think of… nd this being a real hot drowsy aftrnoon I feel like takin a nap now….. oh yea.. I hate hot drowsy aftrnoons too nd I need not mention abt George Bush rite..

January 10, 2007

Sunshine after the Rain

Most of the times it doesn't take much to be giddy with happiness..It was one of those rainy days i luv so much..But thn the rain stopped suddenly nd the sun leapfrogged outta the clouds lightin up everythin in a muted brilliance.. The raindrops clingin onto the leaves nd flowers were shimmerin nd everything ws sparkling..I ran into my house 4 my cam nd managed to capture a fragment of the indescribable glory of sunshine aftr the rain nd evrytime i take a luk at this pic evrything seems to light up :)

January 09, 2007


Though it sounds cliched, cant help sayin tht I love the rain nd most things tht com with it… lightning that lights up the hidden veins in the sky now nd then.. the rumble of thunder…the fragrance arisin when the first drops touch the parched earth.. the sap green of the trees against the cloud-cast grey sky….the cool spray the wind brings to my face when I’m sittin by the window gazing at the downpour.. the warmth of the chilly raindrops as they soak my clothes my skin and my entire existence, the sense of revival around when everything has been rain-washed…the giddy feelin i get as I walk on the reflected sky in still puddles, nd even the sunshine, after the rain, tht makes all the world glow in a diffused golden light...
Rain always brings back rockin memories … the raindrops bangin on the roof like machine gun rounds in agumbe….gettin lost in the mist amidst lightning nd exploding transformers in ponmudi…walkin with a yellow umbrella cap fitted onto my head in ooty…monsoon dousing the burning winds blowing in frm the palghat pass, tht hd parched nd exposed the sandy bowels of bharatapuzha…schooldays when there was a sea of open wet umbrellas in the classromm nd the voice of the teacher ws drowned by the rain, the sea crashing into the backwaters of Veli tossing confused water hyacinths to nd fro…me nd my sis lying flat on the terrace like forgotten rubber sheets foolishly laid out to dry durin the unrelenting monsoons, the sunrise hidden by an impenetrable sheet of rain tht forced a hundred humans to find shelter together in a small mandapam in kanyakumari,…nd of course the morning when four friends with juz one umbrella found themselves under the attack of raindrops on the way to school nd two wer crazy enuf to walk away frm the umbrella, into the rain… tht day juz rocked, didn’t it, KP??? :D

January 08, 2007


Travelling in a bus through the city at rush hour can enlighten, entertain and of course it can get u trampled too. Since our privatebus drivers imagine themselves to be Frank Martins (the Transporter), we even get to go on a really wild amusement park ride just at the expense of a few bones and a couple of bucks.. itz even cheaper if u’re travellin on a students ticket :D
The enlightening part of the bus ride comz when u offer a seat to som old lady... coz som day tht old person is gonna be u nd somone els will be offering u a place to sit..man!! !growin up is real scary stuff :o
Menacing aunties have been a perennial source of entertainment in these buses.. they’re like a mafia or moralpolice or somthin…always found in large numbers, waitin 4 people to accidentally stamp on them so they can vent all their existential angst on unsuspectin ppl. Nd som of them seem to hve a really good sense of humour…u’ll be perched at the end of a seat coz som sumo aunty is occupyin more than her share of the seat nd thn another sumo aunty wud com nd ask.. ‘moleh, plz adjust a bit. Let me also sit’.. wht the!!!!
Last day somethin really funny happened. A lady accidentally stepped on som galz leg. The gal must have made som face or complained coz all of a sudden the lady turned violent. She started shouting nd the gal was stupid enough to shout back. Nd thus started an epic battle. The woman started sayin ‘delightful’ things abt the gal nd her entire family ..nd the gal wasn’t far behind in the shouting match.. Som guyz in the bus started cheerin nd clappin, sayin ‘yea..letz hve a wrestling match..the person who wins gets a free ticket’.. ‘up up ammachi’…. Finally the ammachi got down from the bus nd continued shouting standin on the road nd the driver ws havin such a fun time watchin the spectacle that he wouldn’t start the bus….
My most embarassin moment happened durin a busride..the ticket checker got inside the bus nd ws checkin all the tickets..being a lazy person I never throw away all those tickets nd when I opened my bag to give the ticket to the checker I got the shock of my life…there were around 10 to 15 ticketz in my bag nd I had no idea whch one ws I supposed to give…so I selected a ticket in random nd gave it to the checker..he shook his head nd said tht wsnt it..so I gave him another…nd another…nd another…
Hehehe …tht guy said tht nxt time he wud throw me outta the bus :D…