January 27, 2008

____________________ (itza blank space)

First post for 2008 and im juz gonna blabber about stuff coz im too tired to think after suffering an onslaught of ultra shitty xams..
New year nd christmas got drowned in all the wedding prep..Yup sis got married on dec 28th n it was.... What i found really weird was that, usually when the elder sis gets married aunties swarm around u gigglin nd sayin..'aa ure next'.. But in my case not even one ammachi did that.. I knew that most aunties found me a bit unsocial.. but i dint know tht they found me anti-social as well.. heehee.. allathe vere enthu parayaan!!

The year is still young n i've already been theppi-kkified.. BIG TIME!! A friend (thinkin abt takin away the 'r' from tht word) came over for combined study nd declared to my mother, the list of all the movies i went 4... bunkin classes last sem.. nd topped off the theppu by laughing about it n sayin 'oo wasn't what i juz did so cool!'... Dint quite expect a stab on moi spine so early in 2008..

The 'Big Realization' of this year(so far).. Im still scared to cross the road.. Stood at the zebra crossing near Ayurveda college absolutely petrified for a long time until one kid half my size and age crossed the road.. I ran behind her happily n as fast as i could.. :D

nd The theme song for the university exams that juz got over -'Aye hip hopper.. mujhe pyaar to kar le hip hopper' (Ishq Bector feat. Sunidhi Chauhan).. it really 'helps' in improvin your concentration while writing exams... aaaaaargh!!!

One of the best things so far this year.. Finally got to watch 'Transformers'.. thanx to Shanil d Gr8 :P.. been in love with that movie ever since i'd seen the previews... n it turned out to be as great n rocking as i expected... The only new movie i watched this year is Sreenivasanz 'Kathaparayumbol'.. simple and good movie.. very good in bits n pieces...

Guess this is it 4 d first 2008 post..... nd finally

Wisecrack of Jan 2008:
(in an auto.. on d way to the zoo after the xams)
[KP]: Hey Sundar.. we're goin to d zoo to see ur friends
[Me]: Ahem.. KP.. WE are her friends...
[KP]: Oh... shit! :D


monsooner said...

"First comment for your first post of 2008"

I was reading from Google Reader and I thought, the post was blank space too! Then, I came to your blog, and found it Okayer to read. Nalla choice of colors, I must say. :D

And, you wanna be Next? Aagrahangal Undo? :->
Enna ..."Neeya aduthathu."
Are those host of eligible bachelors listening?

Sad truth, that 'I'm taken already' :P


Pinne, exam kazhinja udane zoo'ilekku ...ahahaha 8-|

KP said...

bloody zoophyte!!!!!!!bloody hell naaanam keduthi deyyyy pulleee ini thante ammayode movie chronicles parayunnadhe njanayarkum buhuhahahaha..

megha said...

@akhil- naa next aakan nooo aagraham...ennalum auntymaar avarude duty cheyyande!! but som non-aunty people did say 'aa ure next in line'.. :P

@kp- athedoo taan film related details (like hindi song interpretation 4 eg.)reveal cheyyaan expert aanallo :P

Cris said...

First time I am reading an entry of yours. What do I say- its very readable [:D]
I mean generally when people talk about their days and stuff its easy to get bored unless they say it non-boringly
Good one Kiddo. I will remember to make more visits :) But I will advice you to ditch blogspot!
Your Aunt Cris!

deeps said...

just saw this...exams wer super shitty alrite:|
aah thers something we differ in sis...crossing roads..got a two year course on hw to scare urself nd the people inside vehicles...oh guess id post bt that:)

megha said...

@crisauntie :P... wordpress seemd quite complicated d last time i checkd it out.. havent made any recent visits xcept 4 readin ur blog

@deeps.. a crash course in road crossin plz.. err by crash course i meant short term n not gettin crashed while crossin :D

Sujit said...

stumbled upon ur blog searching 4 irreverance video(soman's lelam wala dialgue)on google.. but google can be a bitch at times nd i ended up reading ur stuff cuz that was the only result it gave:)).. quite funny i shld say.. nd i wish i knew thse characters 2!! m not sure if i'll ever vist ur blog again, rather regularly.. bt still have fun n continue 2 be funny.. if there is an award n i ve 2 nominate sumone, u cld be a leading contender!!!!

s.j.simon said...

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