March 21, 2008

Juz 4 Horror

Exams do bring out the creativity in many people..nd first series xam comin up this monday so i decided to blog after a long break..

Topic of discussion: well nothin in particular.. tho chalus n jokes wud b gud to recollect.. Its hard to remem all d jokes crackd since i hang out with the founding professors of the Chalu University.. These chalus have all of us rollin on d floor or stabbin ourselves with imaginary knives whn theyre crackd.. may not seem much whn quoted later like this.. its all abt timing.. still gonna giv it a shot..startin off with one tht ws crackd by a non-founder.. it wsnt exactly an intentional chalu tho..

[J to a smoldering Unicorn who happens to be twice her height n weight]: (after hijacking the 3rd bench) its not like what u think...this is not actually the 3rd bench..

[Unicorn leans on Boxer to get somethin from the desk]
[KP]: ayyo.. randu aana charinju!

[A]: He is like this tall :(( (pointin to some tree)
[RP]: aaha.. Atbhuthadweep! :P

[B]:Come n draw this diagram on the board
[M]:No i wont
[M]: Ask R.. she has more coverage :>
[R]: phattaaakkkkk!
[B]: :o

[B]: staffinte vaka what all programs for onam?
[KP]: thappum tudiyum

M's mob vibrates n makes big sound

L runs outta class to check his mob n returns puzzled
[Sun]: ayyee sir kili aayi

CO class.. M sittin n dreamin n starin outta d window
[V]: Why r u lookin outta the window?
[M]: Eh? wht? O ma'am oru kili parannu poyathu nokkiyathaa :|

Early mornin.. JD's tuition class.. all of us nodding off.. one crow hops along an electric line outside
[drowsy KP]:hmmm... kaakka odaloo
snorts frm all direction.. JD swoops in :o

Late evening..JD's tuition class.. all of us nodding off
[M]:Ther is actually a fish called kokkola matthi
[KP]: :wht?!
[JD]:wats goin on?
[KP]: M says her favourite fish is kokkola matthi
JD swoops in :|

S's Fuzzy elective class
[S]: A barber cuts hair 4 people in a village. But he dosnt cut for people who hav cut their own hair. So can the barber cut his own hair? If he does in which set can he be included?
[M]: applyin fuzzy logic......
[S]: U cannot apply fuzzy logic
[M]:(aside) O Baabur vettiyillengil Akbar vettum.. phoooo
[KP]: M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Dol]: aaru enthu paranjaalum i will bunk.. enikkum ille vyaktitwam!!!

[M]: o 11kv line valichaano tante hair ingane aaye RP?
[RP]: oho frequency koodi slew rate kaaranam alledo tante hair ingane straight aayi kidakkunne!

[KP]: coffee hut is a hi5 place.. 5 people cn share one milk shake with no naanakkedu

[Sun]:i'll hav a brownie
[coffee hut guy]:we are out of brownies
[Sun]: ayyo chettaa oru brownie polum baaki ille!

this one i heard frm a friend
[D]:(turns around n stares n glares at the class as usual)
[X]: dey ivarenthaa eppozhum ingane kannurutti nokkunne
[Y]: janichu veenappol entho kandu bhayannathaa paavam

[M]: O u dont like veg food?
[S]: o i kinda get tensed seein vegetables.. suddenly seem to forget all their cultivation aspects :o

hehe thtz it for now.. got loads left.. but i guess anyone who succesfully reached this far mite already be reachin 4 imaginary taata