September 27, 2007


DAY 2: Touchdown at Bangalooru

Landed at B’lore on Sunday the 16th. After a breakfast of Idli..dosa etc. we set out to Visvesvaraya Technological Museum. Dunno if the fact tht we wer tronix students played any factor but the Bell hall of Electronics seemed to be the most interesting section. The virtual gaming section was fun. As KP ws spiritedly playing virtual volleyball against a robot, Soju Sir appeared outta nowhere on the screen, kicked out KP from there and completed the rest of the game. All of us were laughin our asses off. Science section for children was also cool. Had a great time dancing on the piano floor. I expected the space section to be the most interesting but unfortunately(or fortunately :p) one ultra hunk materialized in front of our eyes nd the rockets, satellites nd planets blurred out of our vision..All we(me n of the doggies wer busy gathering knowledge frm the biotech section) could see was the magnificient greenery.. truly grrr88..hoooo .. But the moving dinosaur at the museum was really lame..It was makin sounds as if it had chronic constipation.
Went berserk at a chaat outlet outside the museum coz many of us had not tasted even a panipuri till then. After lunch, as we were walkin on the pavement enjoying ice cream a kannada guy bumped against one of my friends.. nd this friend let out the usual reaction of our gang.. ‘PATTICHETTEH!!!!’.. nd the kannada guy became violent..we fled.

Next stop was Lal Bagh..Ws really disappointed to find tht the greenery ws all in pairs. We the Ottathadis of India!!! Hung around the place until it started raining really heavily.
The rain started when we wer standing on a tree nd posing for a foto. The day winded up with ISKCON temple. It was a really different experience. I’ve been to an ISKCON temple before. But this was in a much more grand scale. I found the room of my dreams there.. a BIIIIIIIG hall with long tables loaded with the tastiest food imaginable.. aaaa *drooolinnnn*.. black forest cakes.. chilli gobi.. ice cream…

After reachin back at the hotel Kp Shal n me gave Peeru a b’day treat.. nd then went to snooze aftr a small pillow fight session..
So this is part 2 of the post..I wanted to write abt day 3 n 4 too… But not in a mood to write.. so
to be contd.

September 24, 2007


Been dreamin of the so-called Industrial Visit ever since getting into college. Cant really explain wht I’m feeling now that itz over. One week on the move, with friends... it’s the longest I’ve been away from my family n home( not countin the times whn my parents wer away frm home for weeks.. sis was ther for company then nd also not counting the times I’ve been away frm home with my parents for weeks).
So many experiences nd so many images.. Can’t really do justice to them by condensing them into one single post..Hmm well truth is that I don’t hav the patience to write about all of it in one go nd neither wud any of u hav the patience to sit thru it..

DAY 1: The Journey Begins

Thought I’d get some help with luggage since both Amma nd Achan decided to drop me off at college.. But naa, Amma insisted that I should carry all of it as practice for the upcoming journey when I’ll hafta move around the luggage frequently.. So being the little Schwarznegger that I am I staggered and panted nd huffed nd puffed nd somehow managed to dump the luggage where all the luggage ws being dumped..Then KP arrived with her backpack threatening to knock off her centre of gravity any moment..haa we the little Schwarzeneggers of India!!My parents got bored after sometime nd left after givin me handshakes which is their way of giving advice abt not getting into trouble or hitting my head on some electric post while busily drooling over some hot hunk or tumbling down escalators while doing the same..
The bus journey to the railway station (Kochu Veli) had the usual violent tribal dance nd dappankoothu session with all of our screws getting loose nd with Fatima losing all screws.
Was really disappointed to see the age group of the fellow passengers.. the chart went something like ‘Kochu Thresiya 49… Jacob Mathew 50….’ bla! Since we couldn’t alambify in the train as much as we could do in a bus..we juz limited ourselves to singin nd stuff..Soon more passengers got in nd it ws juz me singin like a possessed frog in my cracked voice..Pandit Frogshillah Rahatulla..I hd to stop when little wide eyed kids started comin to my compartment nd stared in fear nd confusion.. hoo fans!!fans!! :D
The real fun started when we started trying to switch berths with other passengers so that all of us could be in one compartment. I have never seen in my life such Choris who are hell-bent on picking up a fight. KP nd me had a real tough time convincing all of them nd the rest of our gang even had to play coolies. In the end we wer almost sure tht either those people would defenestrate us or we’d flush them down the toilet. Itz not possible to behave more decently nd humbly thn we did..yet..UGH!!All of em wer commentin tht KP nd I wud become good TTR/TTEs someday..The RAC people trying to snatch our berths ws the icing on the cake.Nyways managed to wind up the matter before midnight coz midnight was the time to wish Peeraparu Happy Birthday!!yippieeee!Her birthday always coms during tour-times..Last time we had given her a toothpaste bath when she ws dozing off in the bus :D
(to be contd.)

September 04, 2007

At Da Beach

Midnight... last day of the Onam vacation officially over nd whatta day it was! 6 of us (unicorn, dollar$, boxer, shalpattii, kalla pattii n me-mega pattichetta) affected by chronic zoanthropy n calling ourselves 'doggies' (nd one unicorn) gathered at KPs house to write three assignments nd managed to finish off one.. first time most of us r finishin somethin off so early.. yippie to us!
After lunch we got a hunch that the date of submission of one assignment wasnt the next day(which is today..past midnight so coll gonna reopen today..hmm whtever).. So we packed our bags nd went off to the beach (after me nd RP goin to a veg shop to buy 2 palayamkodan pazhams for 2 rupees for KPs aunty..In the end the 2 bananas cost 3 rupees nd we jus stood ther n smiled..n the appooppan shopkeeper let us off...'makkalkku roadil koode kazhichondu nadakaanaano??'.. *smile grin smile*)..O nd b4 goin to the beach all of us had a really interesting conversation with someone apparently called 'Sheetal' or sheetalan rather!!!

Beach ws great tho the moment we set our foot ther som TV anchor guy(lookin like a zombie coz he had too much make up on..or was it toothpaste coz it looked pearly white) came runnin to us askin if we could endorse his program which hd got past 100 episodes(we bear so much crap to run for so long on our channels).. we wer like.. yea right!! Over all of our deadbodies!Ini atu kandittu venom valla wicked ammachiyum veetil vilichu parayaan..'aaha molu beachil valiya tv star okke aayallo'.. n my amma will prolly think tht i made a guest appearance in the Valiyathura version of 'Baywatch' nd played a character named 'matthi vikkana annaamma'...
Then all of us ran to the waves nd had an awsome time splashing about..wrote nonsense on the sand.. nd raised the BP of the lifeguard(why ws he so worried abt us!!)...

Doggies nd Unicorn among the waves

haa haa... gettin hyper excited seein som ammachi being washed off by the waves.. look at the joy on unicorn's face(2nd frm left).... hehe no.. juz one got washed away

wave-gazing peacefully... shantiii samadhaanam

boxer's master nd the sand

v de grr8... signing off on the sands of time..waiting for the tide to erase us.. sho!! drainage literature!! :P

nd in the end aftr sittin on the lawn, watching the mermie nd gazin at the planes takin off frm the runway...drying off in the sun..all of us parted ways to meet again the next day.. good days ahead.. hopefully :)