April 29, 2007


Was standing near the backstage telling Nazia tht I might wet my underpants any minute when KP came nd said tht she hs already wet her pants with not just no:1 but 2,3,4 nd 5!! Our movie spoof was up next..

Some 3 hours back all of us were staring at the rain pouring down heavily on the open stage nd the chairs tht wer holdin enuf water to play ‘whose-jeans-cn-absorb-most’.. They were planning to shift the all the college day programs to the seminar hall..Since we cudnt perform without a backstage (dubbing issues) we wer almost sure tht our spoof wudve to be cancelled..So we wer standin ther nd commentin on som guy’s weird hairstyle whn Prameela came nd told me tht the weird hairstyle-guy ws my orkut buddy nd he wanted to meet me..I grabbed a friend nd fled 100mph in the opposite direction to another block.. Im not xcatly the kinda person who cn go upto ppl nd say ‘yo!wassup dude’ in these kinda situations ..hehe.. Som ppl mistake this critical chammal for jaada..enikku vayya ;)

After the official ceremony, frnds joined me in the canteen nd as we wer tackling the rubberized chicken, the lights went off….kooooooioooooooooiiii.. howled our lungs out as if we were possessed by Himesh Reshammiya nd the stray VenugopalanPatti who stays in Palm Grove lane in Sasthamangalam. Perfect silence as the lights came bac on nd shined upon the faces of some shockd parents..

As we wer suckin on the Mango bar(which tastes real bad..but why complain when u get it 4 free :P) we heard som cheerin frm outside!! Thtz when we came to knw tht the programs wer goin to be held in the mainstage itself!! Completely freakd out coz som kids who wer ther for dubbing had already left thinking tht the program ws cancelld.. We had told them(like only a hundred times) not to leave coz ther ws a small chance tht the programs wud resume on the mainstage whn the rain stops.. Rockin!!

Changed into our costumes real fast..Found som new kids 4 dubbing..did one quick round of practice.. nd went to the backstage with jelly-legs nd unsure bladders..All the folks wer laughin seeing me, Naaz and Rakhee in school uniforms..Suresh sir ws like ‘iyaalkku pattiya dress ithu tanneya’..hehe I knw school uniforms suit me best coz I’m asked atleast twice a week ‘moleh,which class r u studying in’ or ‘did u join engineering right after 6th std??'.. We wer wearing St.Thomas uniforms coz my Holy Angels’ skirt has this constant tendency to do a Marilyn Munroe at the slightest sign of a breeze..Why gift the audience with a peek of my ol’ battered HongKong tights(which thankfully dint fall off while I ws on stage) ..

The opening scene ws an item number by Nisha(as Kareena-the sesky Kamini acc. to her, with Parvathy operatin the sound track-awsom job man!!).. Then Don(KP- lukin very much like a sleek mafia don;voice by Poorna) is kidnapped by goondas (PP nd Indu..'aliyaa..dendu lavane koodi pidi!!') of Gabbar Singh(Shally- the perfect thug;voice-Anjolie..perfect BUHAHAHA). Karan Johar(Vibha;voice:Anusha..who also dubbd 4 goondas) is also taken along.. Then the 3 gals frm Notebook(Naz, Rakhee nd me; voices:Jincy n Archana) also playin Charlie’s angelz is sent to rescue Don.. At Gabbar’s camp Don is tied up nd Karan Johar made to dance to ‘omanappuzha kadappuram’(K..K..K..Karan in K..K..Kutthon ke saamne m..m..mat naach!!)..Somewher durin the tussle PP accidentally kicked KP in the wrong place nd PP ws like ‘sorry edey’..Ppl remember the fact tht all our bladders wer in unstable condition!!
The 3 gals interrupt Karan Joharz dance nd a fight(me-the smallest of the lot tackling Shally-the biggest, karate style) nd a GK question round(with the ultimate Q-How many km’s frm Washington DC to Miami beach!!) follows..Finally Don is freed..Gabbar nd Don become frnds..so they plant a tree nd name it Venus(Notebook!!..yech!!!how lame can it get!)..Finally we all dance to ‘PandiMelam’-Rajamanickam style(me nd Nazia did a chicken dance right in frnt of stage)..nd sign off sayin ‘chellakkilii..sullam’(or ws it sulaan ?? I dunno)..

After we got off the stage, with no chappals thankfully attaining enuf range to hit us, the seniors wer like ‘enthoru tolikkatti.. u ppl r our true successors!!’..nd some wer like ‘aaa murder!murder!’ nd the rest wer like ‘wht guts man!!’.. hehe Unfortunately som ppl dint understand wht the entire thing ws all abt.. hd fgotten to write an intro abt the theme..:D.. haa som ppl dosnt even knw wht a spoof is..so guess I shudnt mind..Hmm I hope atleast tht SS lecturer aliyan understood tht we wer takin at a dig at him with one dialogue he always says in class.. ‘Tell meeee!!Tell meeee!!’ snap!snap!snap!

The grand finale ws the fashion shw by the seniors with Shaakuntalam as the theme.. it ws awsom!!

Finally when evrythin got over, I ws makin fun of the kids who invited their parents nd wer made to go home early..then I rang up my father to tell him to com nd pick me up..nd he ws like ‘im right here on the campus’..shit!! man.. I did all those screwloose things on stage with full confidence tht my family wudn’t be there to watch it…aaaaaaaaa..

Nd I came to knw tht som othr kids’ parents on seein me, thot tht a real shool gal ws kidnapped to play the part!! Sho ingane poyaal to join IAFil I’ve to gain atleast 10kilos in 2 yrs!!Shud ask Adnan Sami abt it(dosnt the guy still weigh a 100kilos even after losin 100??)..hehe me in IAF..wudnt tht be somthin!!..its juz one of my several vague aims in this almost driftin life…..vroooooom vroooooommmm..

April 14, 2007

Winamp Gyan

Took a leaf outta deeps’ blog who had the leaf pluckd out frm her sis's blog who in turn..bla bla bla..get the pic right
So me n my buddy KP enqueued all the songs in our systems onto winamp.. lukd up the questions frm deepz blog nd also charted a whole lotta other Qs as well..Activated the toggle shuffle thing nd started on our quest to find the answers to our lives entrusting our fates in the hands of winamp player..Afcoz we knew tht the quest wudnt be perfect without Beck’s Loser in the playlist.. anyways we set forth..*clickin my tongue*- to get the horse hooves BGM

1.How dos the world see me??
Me:Beethoven Seattle symphony.. wha!!! I thot Beethoven ws frm Germany..Whtz he doin in Amriikkka nd wht is he doin in my playlist!!!bad beginning!!!!!
KP:Tanhayee..eeee..eeeee..(DCH) hehehe so ppl see KP as a lone ranger..hmmm

2.What do my frnds think about me?
Me: Tere Bin ..frm bhagam bhag …how sweet
Tere Bin ther aint no desire
Tere bin I cant fly hiiiihiiiihiigherrrr
( oye they find me eqvnt to an airplane engine!!!??)
KP: Chaiyya Chaiyya.. o yea we all think tht shez perpetually dancing on top of a train :D

3.What shud I do with my life?
Me: yaatra aayi.. frm Niram..my life’s getting over b4 even kickin off properly!! uwaaahh uwaahh :((
KP: pinneyum pinneyum .. yes KP!! perseverance pays.. King Louis taught us dat in Moral sci class when we wer in 4th std… or was it King philips or panasonic ??

4.How will I be remembered?
Me: Sau dard.. frm Jaan-e-mann.. we can either go by the lyrics n think tht ppl will be missin me real bad or we cn go by my interpretation tht I’ve been a pain in the ass for a lot of ppl :D
KP: Kya Kare frm Rangeela.. hmm so ppl will be still ponderin over the things they cudnt convey to KP coz they wer afraid of being punched in the face :P

5.Whats my signature dancing number?
Me: Tu hi Mere shab hai.. Hey wht am I supposd to do?? Ballet???!!!
KP: Yeh jo des frm Swades..yea xcellent dance number :P

6. What song shall be played on my wedding?
Me: Hum ko Maloom hai frm Jaan-e-mann.. dosnt the couple get divorced later in de movie??? Coooolll…
KP: One Night Love Affair – Bryan Adams .. heeheeheee .. xcellenttttttt

7. What song shall be played on my funeral?
Me: Rose – Titanic .. Im gonna puke in my coffin or haunt my funeral planner for the rest of his life and afterlife!!!!
KP: Anbe Vaa – I haven’t heard the song *blushing* nd I hav no idea wht its all abt

8. The song 4 my frnds…
Me: Maula mere..Maula mere frm Anwar.. dos the song have any other lyrics coz I haven’t got past the Maula part yet.. hmm wish I had somthin better 4 u ppl :
KP: Neela raavilinnu ninte- haven’t heard this one either.. think itza gud song.. wud be more meaningful than the one I ended up with anyways..

9. 4 my family
Me: Tu hi mere shab.. luuuuuuuuuuuv u folks!!! >:D<

KP: Nila Kagirathu.. nother gud one

10.Song 4 my AE batch at college
Me:Yeh Kaha Aagaye humm.. yea I knw..we all feel the same durin certain hours in de week
KP: Aisa Jadoo frm Khakee.. yeayyy ..3 cheers 4 AE!!!

11.Song 4 ppl I don’t like!!
Me: Pinneyum pinneyum aaroooo.. yea som ppl juz wont give up on buggin u to the max..pinneyum pinneyum….
KP: Hey Khuda Hafiz.. frm Yuva.. perfect reply \m/

12.Whatz in my head during lectures?
Me: Ek ladki ko dekha to frm 1942 A Luv Story.. I guess I ws thinking abt the people-shooting-down-thebritish part in the flick.. Samurai Hattori go back!!!
KP: Nagumooo-Chitram .. nd I used to wonder wher all the mridangam sounds were coming frm when I was snoozing in class!!

13.Whatz my job gonna be like??
Me: Let me Sleepunknown artist … LOLZ
KP:Thendrale Thendrale..frm Kaadhal Desam.. now what kinda job comes with constantly-blowin breeze?? :-/ ooo I knw..i knw.. sellin peanuts at the beach :P.. dnt worry KP I’ll be ther nearby waitin on tables at the ICH..

14.Whatz dos the future hold for Soum nd Stella.. the golden couple :D??
Me:TornNatalie Imbruglia.. WOW I cn already imagine all the $#^$&^*&^ in tamil Soum’ll be yellin at me if she reads this…
KP:Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba frm KasamPaidaKarneWaaleKi..Mithun das ol disco classic I think .. LOLLLzzzzz.. hehehe

15.Whtz the song 4 my future mom-in-law??
Me:Oops I did it again.. Britney Spears.. Ok ppl enuf with ur imagination running amok!!
KP:Bhanware ki Gunjan….. dos that mean ‘manure 4 garden’??? :D

16.Finally, some thoughts on myself..
Me:Its My Life-Bon Jovi \m/ - \m/
KP: Pooncholai – the one frm Keertichakra.. NOT frm Sphadikam :P

We had around 40 queries answered.. but then I dont intend make my blog as long as KANK.. So signin off.. Nyways conclusion drawn- must kick my sis for downloadin songs from Jaan-e-mann nd wher r all the YO songs when u need em??!!
This post is dedicated to deepz , winamp nd to yahoo messngr :)