February 01, 2007

On Transformers CaromBoards nd funky Nuns

Happy days…happy days…wooohoooo
Today ws yet another fun day.. I ws pretendin to be som sorta demented angel by drapin PeeraParu’s bright pink dupatta around me nd jumpin around in slow motion…KP seems to hav got de shock of her life seein me like dat nd tht too in som othr class…

The communi eng ma’am went ballistic over the mass bunk by de ppl who weren’t writin the BEC improvmnt… it seems she hd skippd lunch nd rushd to our class to find it empty..yea gud 4 her..shez fat! Man! Tht lady treats us like kindergarten kids.. ‘how many of u got all correct??’..nd we r supposed to raise our hands nd she’ll say ‘gooood’.. bullcrap!! The best thing tht happened in the English classes so far ws the grand speech Fatima gave abt Theraja nd his stepup nd stepdown transformers when she ws asked to JAM abt her fav buk..nd o yea the improvmnt xam ws a waste of time nd money.. I ws sittin in de xam hall nd thinking abt hw to distribute the keychains I bought frm waynadu 4 my frnds… kp ws snoozing nd nazia ws tryin to be Michelangelo wid som jfet chara..heheh

After lunch break all of us gathered on the newly finished courtyard nd wer runnin around like mad people.. I ws tuggin on Rehnaz bag nd jumpin around her..finally she caught my collar nd karakkified me around like a lasso..fittayi..

After regainin my balance nazia me nd kp headed for the EC class to pokkify their carom board.. nd the EC kids wer like ‘dey AEile jnanjoolukal board pokkan varunnu.. kathakadaykkoo nd attackkk!!!’(translation: som earthworms frm AE r comin to steal our carom board..lock them in nd attackkk!!!).. nd all tht I cn remember is someone hoistin me up in midair nd puchin nd pullin..saw kp disappearin somwher among the punches.. nd nw I hve a almost broken ribcage nd KP has a broken American watch( which I think is frm som annachikkada in Nagercoil ;) )

Had plans to strt writin the novel I ws planning to write.. no progress yet :D…itz gonna be abt my skool life nd afcoz the major part of it is gonna be abt our princi who used to be obsessed about homos gays nd lesbians..infact she gave a one hour lecture to the kids on tht subject.. KP ws too young to understand nd I had bunked skool tht day.. was sittin at home wid a fever nd watchin prem nazir scurryin like a hyper demented crab around coconut trees on doordarshan satellite channel…cant believe I missd dat xperience of a lifetime..whatta lecture it must hve been :D