December 19, 2007


Is it jus me or is anyone else too getting shocked seeing the stars most folks are hanging outside their homes for this X'mas?? If anyone has missed these wonderful beauties do not worry...u can feast ur eyes here.. I couldn't capture some of the most striking ones of this season.. yet ..well see 4 urself :D

STUNNED AT FIRST SIGHT!! When i first saw these at a shop i was like' bla! who'd buy this stuff!'.. but then....

As u cn see some of them r even refusing to fit inside the frame!!!

TWO OF A KIND( 2 LBT-ians hav hung these frilly beauties nd yea.. they're neighbours) .. well, these happen to be some of the relatively plain nd dull ones i've seen


I guess they all look better at night.. ennu paranju samaadhanikkaam

Anyways... definition of beauty is different for different people.. So guess i shudn't make a big fuss over these new kinds of stars all of which seem to have sprouted somethin all over them.. Its juz a big shining orb after all.. Rest is upto our imagination.. BUT could anyone please explain to me why this star in the final pic is wearing a bra??!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)