May 11, 2007

Spidey!! in kutthon ke saamne mat naach!!

After a hectic week of exams (which i dint write..tho i went to college to check on my friends nd give them moral support :P)..I finally got a chance to see Spidey...hmmm...I'm speechless!! Yea the FX wer cool..the fights wer nail-bitingly awsom...Venom ws lookin super sesky...the black suit once again proved the fact the underW on the inside is way mor appealing than underW on the outside... BUT why wer the villains so...whtz the right word?? touchy nd emotional?? One bad-guy actually goes on to say tht he dosnt hav money to buy rice(well not xactly) so plz forgive him nd let him go..nd Spidey bids him a tearful adieu...MaryJane ws lookin as fossilized as evr.. how ol' is she supposd to be??103?!! Nd in the end the only gud lookin guy in the movie gets killed..but not before gettin half of his beautiful face tandoorified...damn it!!! O yea Spidey breaks into an impromptu dance when he gets infected by som symbiotic creature frm outerspace..(i dint know aliens on Planet Babushka frm Kokachee galaxy knew tap dancin!!)

Right now ive got nothin to do..hd com to college to get som lab rec wrk done..seems like it woudnt be ready for anothr 3 hours.. so im in the college lab now wher every important nd educational sites like orkut etc. are banned.. I can't even play Chuzzle <>on yahoo games..heehee thtz a weird game..u match 3 or more cuddly hairy creatures of the same color nd they explode..itza fantastic game to play when ure completely stressed out..all those xplodin cuddly creatures........niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiceee..